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Closed Beta 6.1 - Balance Changelog
Old 04-01-2017
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Default Closed Beta 6.1 - Balance Changelog

Closed Beta 6.1 - Balance Changelog

Yesterday, 03:55 PM

In this interim closed beta wave, we have made map balance changes for Hue City and Cu Chi. You will only see these two maps over the weekend as we want this to be a very focused test. Once the weekend has concluded we will provide a link (to be emailed to you), which will allow you to provide your feedback based on the map balance changes.

Please note, as this is an interim closed beta wave build, you may see items that are still a work in progress and as such, bugs may persist. As mentioned previously, the primary focus of this test is map balance changes for Hue City and Cu Chi. Your focus and feedback should be geared towards this topic only, for this interim beta wave.

Gameplay balance changes

  • Hue City
    • Objectives A and B now lock when captured. This means that the NLF can no longer recapture them once they have fallen
    • Pushed the NLF spawns back to increase the necessity of squad tunnels, and the impact when they are lost
  • Cu Chi
    • Moved NLF spawns back from objective A, increasing the need for squad tunnels
    • Gave the U.S. easier access to rooftops near their spawn to make it easier to achieve well placed arty markers
  • Improvements to Tunnels
    • Areas where U.S. troops would be unable to use their primary weapons have been marked more clearly by adding an icon at the mouth of tunnels which forces them to lower their guns
    • U.S. troops can now also melee in tunnels
  • Assist Points
    • Squad Leaders are now granted assist points when commanders kill enemies with abilities targeted at SLsí arty markers. Additional points are also obtained when squad mates spawn on them or their squad tunnel
    • Radiomen now receive points when the commander uses their radio
  • Weapons
    • Weapon sway and lag are no longer tied to framerate, meaning weapons are correctly balanced regardless of performance
    • Squad leaders now receive a pistol upon deployment
    • Removed the PPSh from the Sapper role
    • Increased MOA to a realistic standard
    • Lowered the recoil on the M3A1 Grease Gun
    • M16 reload no longer cancels if the player does another action when a new magazine is already in the weapon
    • Increased the size of the M14 Rear Aperture for usability
    • Increased the speed of attaching/detaching bayonets from 3.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds
    • Limited the amount of C4 carried by engineers to a single charge
    • Increased damage done by claymores, upping their effective range by around 5 meters
    • Split the sniper and marksman loadouts so that the weapons available to each army are period-accurate
    • USMC now receives the M40, the US Army get the XM21, the NLF get the Mosin Nagant and the NVA have the SVD
    • Increased the lethal range of rifled slugs when using the IZH-43 to ~200m
  • All VO in the game has been updated to use real voice actors. Please note, there are known VO bugs in this build that will be addressed in a future update

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