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Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta
Old 01-02-2016, 09:17 PM
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Default Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta

Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 Public Beta is out now. Tested it to work in LAN and Listen Servers. Due to blocked ports I can't test in Dedicated. So far so good though. It's a major jump from V3.3 scripting wise. No gore mod but still got blood fx. Better class based stuff. Medics can drop healthbags and medkits. Support can drop ammobox (better model next update) and rearm pistol ammo.

This mod is not a merger of AWE 3.4.2 + Merciless Mod 2. Due to weapon limiting in AWE and other scripts a merger would be unrealistic, without one mod loosing some of it's key features. However, transplanting a feature from Mods A + B +C to Mod D is doable. Aiming to add as much new work as possible, don't want to carbon copy a mod.

Change list (to large to list all):

*Gore mod gone, but still has bloodpools, and bloodsplat.
*Better class functions all classes can press V + V to plant landmine.
*Each class has a defuse chance for landmines.
*Medkits and Ammoboxes added (along with scripts to regain health and rearm ammo)
*Support can rearm pistol ammo V + M
*Support can drop ammobox V + A
*Medic can drop medkit V + A
*Medic can drop healthbag V + M
*Many script related errors remove such as scriptmenu, character gsc and other typos.

Stuff to fix and add:
*Mess around with Medic Tracers and Ammo Tracers.
*Give Snipers TNT/Dynomite(from V3.2).
*GrenadeBox given to Officers to rearm frag and special grenades.
*Mess with health regeneration, bleeding out, trip from shots, loose weapon with arm shot ect.
*Mess around with sprint, different speeds for different weapons?
*Fix broken HUD Icons
*Give the Trench Gun an Iron Sight?
*Stop players from dying when switching classes on same team.
*Give British Support a Lewis Gun (make it myself?).
*Give Germans a special grenade model for flame grenade. Egghand grenade?
*Gives allies a HE pineapple grenade for biggrenade type
*Make a stickygrenade type and give allied custom model and axis the green model.
*Anti-turret-spamming script (cool down or kick players off it for 10 seconds)

Download is up on Moddb. Pending approval on MegaGames.



Would be great if someone would guinea pig this, and run a dedicated server for a few minutes to see if it's stable.
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