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Vegas Shooting Because America "Silently Accepting the Rage of White Men"
Old 10-05-2017
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Default Vegas Shooting Because America "Silently Accepting the Rage of White Men"

CNN Columnist:

Vegas Shooting Because America
Silently Accepting the Rage of White Men


by Ben Kew - 05 Oct 2017

CNN published a column on Wednesday declaring that the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas was a result of America having “silently accepted the rage of white men.”

In the column by Naaz Modan, editor of Muslim Girl magazine, Modan argues that recent mass shootings have been met with a “fatal passivity” and would generate far greater anger if they were committed by ethnic minorities:
Mass shootings are a violent epidemic that have been met with fatal passivity for far too long. If mass shootings were perpetrated mostly by brown bodies, this would quickly be reframed and reformed as an immigration issue. If thousands died at the hands of black men, it would be used to excuse police brutality, minimize the Black Lives Matter movement and exacerbate the “raging black man” stereotype. If mass shooters identified as Muslim, it would quickly become terrorism and catalyze defense and security expenditures.
She then goes on to argue that mass shootings are a “white man’s problem” exacerbated by an “over-affinity for guns among white men”:
Since 1982, mass shootings in the United States have been committed by white men who are often labeled “lone wolves” or “psychologically impaired.” As a result, the government that would otherwise be mobilizing its institutions to bring about reform remains a stalwart of the Second Amendment and mass shootings’ greatest ally. An over-affinity for guns among white men, dangerous against any other backdrop, gets defended as patriotism by many conservatives or even as white pride by those on the alt-right.
Since the shooting that took place on Sunday evening, claiming the lives of 59 people and injuring over 500, scores of left-wing politicians, commentators, and celebrities have reiterated their opposition to the Second Amendment and have called for stricter gun control legislation.

In an editors note, CNN maintains that the “views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.”

“Make no mistake: this is war culture that has dressed up as Uncle Sam and embedded itself into the American psyche,” Modan concludes.


Ed Note: As outrageous as it appears.... The writer Naaz Modan might have hit on something. You see, between "Affirmative Action" and Obama's racist policies, White males have been at the short end of the stick for well over 50 years.

Affirmative Action reared its ugly head as an act of appeasement in 1961 as a result of an Executive Order issued by JFK, a Democrat. Little did the US Citizens know the depth of social damage and hurt this would cause.

In almost all Fed employment opportunities, blacks were chosen over whites even when the blacks failed aptitude tests. As an example, Vets coming home from Vietnam who applied at the USPS and were qualified were passed over in favor of black applicants. The resentment steadily grew over the years.

Then Obama, a Democrat came along, with his incessant appointments to good paying jobs within govt going mostly to blacks coupled with his policies of favor toward blacks.

While it's criminally wrong to act out as in Las Vegas, perhaps the situation has boiled over. Modan might just be correct.

Comments Welcome..



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