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03-14-2007, 07:56 PM
Well, I am sure that you are already aware then when parachutes are set to:

set ex_parachutes "1"
//set ex_parachutes_only_attackers "0"
set ex_parachutes_protection "1"
set ex_parachutes_limit_altitude "1700"

With these settings above the parachutes only drop players half the time when they first connect to the server. Although, when a player hasn't been dropped the first time as they connected to the server, they will usually drop the 2nd time.

Setting the limit altitude to like 1000 doesn't make much difference in this regards. It seems to be a small bug with the parachutes not dropping players the first time correctly.

My clan has expressed that they would prefer for parachutes to drop only at the very beginning on the map, rather then when players first connect to the server throughout a map duration.

Such as, for some reason, when players first connect to the map, it doesnt matter what time duration the current map is at, the player will drop with the parachute either the first time they connect or they will drop after they die.

Is there a way to fix this, as a suggestion would be to only drop players at the very beginning of the map. Then when players connect to the server map at a later time duration, then they won't drop with a parachute, because it wasn't at the very beginning of the map.

That is just a suggestion, although that might conflict with gametype start delay?

Any ideas?

03-15-2007, 10:43 AM
no, it has to do with spawnpositions.....the parachutes spawn at the exact same position where you would normally spawn without parachute only x yards higher.

if the orriginal spawnpoint is below 350 units of the maps hight the player will not parachute..this 350 limit is coded in the ex_parachute.gsc

you can play with this a bit if you want in that script
look for:

// Dont parachute distances below 350 units (3.5 secons)
if(distance < 350)