View Full Version : Sponsor Banner problem.

06-09-2009, 04:14 PM
I noticed that when a certain banner pops up that it masks a portion of the Search tab.

I recieved errors uploading the screenshot I took even tho it was withing the image limits here. Will try to repost one later

Thank you for your attention to this :Outstanding!:

06-09-2009, 07:59 PM
I haven't seen anything of the sort...... Believe me, I monitor the sites.

06-09-2009, 11:00 PM
I've also experience the second error with attachments - the box simply says 'upload failed'.

I tend to use photobucket or imageshack to host my images instead so that might be worth a go.

06-09-2009, 11:45 PM
Here is what I see on occasion....although I can click on the "Todays Posts" I cannot select "New Posts"

http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/2120/bannererror.th.jpg (http://img192.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bannererror.jpg)

06-10-2009, 06:28 AM
Nope .... don't see that here.

What browser? Have you updated your graphics drivers lately?

06-10-2009, 09:31 AM
I don't see that either. I have to admit I run AdBlock plus which squishes all the adverts.

06-10-2009, 10:03 AM
All my drivers are current, I am running Internet Explorer 8 without any Ad Blocking software as I do tend to click them to support my favourite sites:wink1:

06-10-2009, 10:10 AM
you must use a pretty poor resolution Grimmwolf, the banners are way off the menu bar on my rig :d

06-10-2009, 10:13 AM
Hey Z :d I run 1600x1200 desktop on an older 19" CRT, video card is a Radeon HD2900XT 512MB with the 9.5 Cats installed.