View Full Version : Lockup on Startup 1.6

03-06-2007, 12:25 AM
I'm getting a strange "error" with the new 1.6 mod. I have a S&D and a DOM server set up on the same dedicated windows server. I use FireDameon to run the servers as a service. The servers are unchanged from stock other then the custom.str info and the normal cfg editing. Sometimes the server will start just fine and run GREAT!!! Lower pings and smoother gameplay. On other occasions the server locks up on startup and various seemingly random locations and the svchost.exe jumps to 500m+ which causes the entire server to lock up. It takes about 45 seconds to get FireDameon to come back up to shut down the server.

There is no visable error in the logs and it's not every time that it happens. Sometimes a server will start up fine and run well but if you restart it via the console "quit" command it locks up on restart.

Any suggestions as to what could possibly be causing this one?

edited to add this: K...even stranger. If it's a new client IWD untouched the server seems to start once everytime. Locks up on the second try. I assume I have a faulty default installation of COD2 at this point or possibly a corrupt version of winrar. The S&D server now has no issues. Copied the fsgame folder over to the DOM server and changed the gametype rotation and server info. Started once but won't initialize again. I did notice that in the gamelog it goes to the weaponcontrol ddr and freezes there. Tried stock cfg's for all of the scriptdata cfg's just to be sure...no change.

03-06-2007, 07:29 PM
I may have narrowed it down to the DOM gametype. Once again I had a S&D server running fine. I copied the entire server over and started up the new copy. It ran fine. I changed the gametype and rotation to DOM and it started freezing on startup. No errors, just a lockup at the final initialization process and an overloading of the svchost.exe process to where the Windows server would just barely operate.