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03-02-2007, 04:21 PM
This is something that's been on my whish list for quite some time. I've managed to edit the fx/colsmoke files to reduce the colored smoke nades to about 1/2 of the original deployment time and radius but it'd be great to be able to tweak them via the cfg's.

The colored smoke is such a cool effect in the server but it also blows when too many noobs start tossing them everywhere at the same time. By limiting the radius and volume you can still use them tatically without ruining the gameplay of everyone else. Currently the only way to deal with this issue is to either shut them off or to use the rank system to limit them and neither is a very good option IMO.

btw- I realize that Marc has his hands full with the new 1.6 release but for someday down the road it'd be great if this could be looked into.

aaa...ehh....hmmm...a.....Airborne+this mod=:d

03-02-2007, 05:36 PM
Man, i would just love to be able to reduce the smoke effects....they are driving me nuts ....way to thick and it lingers along way to long....

i think ive looked into the smoke fx code a 100 times...but i really cant make any sence of it

well if all fails ..then i just will have to go edit each number one by one and see what that particular change does i recon..but that is like on the last page of my "ïf i ever get around to it " book

a pitty tho...as im the only ww2x "coder" here and my time to do this stuff is rather limited....work, real life, more work....ww2x features are going slow.
Not that its a lot different when i was doing extreme+ since i did most of the stuff for months ..lol....but i hope wizz comes tho the rescue at some point and performs some magic again.....otherwize i simply have to take some vacation and devote it to modding..lolz

geez...how did i go from..."ok ill temporarily take over" to full support....must be having braindamage or sumfin. :)

03-02-2007, 06:11 PM
LOL..As I mentioned I managed to edit the *_smoke.efx files to get the desired effects. Our smoke only lasts about 5 seconds and is about 1/2 the radius. The most annoying part is the sort of "whispy" after smoke effect that lingers forever. I managed to limit those to only 7 instead of the stock 45.

If I remember.....and I'm not sure I do.....it was located here:

name smoke_fill
flags useAlpha useRandomColors useRandomRotationDelta useRandomVelocity useRandomVelocity2 absoluteVel
spawnFlags orgOnCylinder
count 45
life 3e+004 4e+004
delay 500 8000
radius 0 20
height 0
rotation 0 360
sequenceStartFrameMode 1
sequenceFixedFpsValue 0.000000

I changed the count to 7. There were several other adjustments in the life, radius and other settings throughout as well.

I must add that in general I'll admit that I have little to no clue as to what I'm doing.:p But in the end it worked and the servers run fine.

I believe the things that could be adjustable are the center_volume, mist_volume, smoke_stream and smoke_fill. The last being the one that made the most noticable effect or change in how long the smoke lingers around.

03-14-2007, 07:02 PM
Yah, the SUPER Server has been playing with those settings for a few months now and we got it exactly the way we like it. Took forever to figure out the settings that we prefer and it took forever to get rid of those thin wispy effects, although it now formulates balls of smoke, which really isn't that bad, its rather flipping cool.

Pain in my butt to figure that out. But, we have been happy with it for a long time. Would love to see what other settings other clans come up with.

Although, as I experimented with several settings, I noticed that some settings if altered to such a point that it would lag the server drastically, even if it was less smoke. Weird huh? But, we got passed that hurdle and now the smoke on the SUPER server looks really cool and works great.

With some time and patience, better set smoke settings can occur.

I Would always be happy to see better smoke settings in the future.

03-14-2007, 10:17 PM
I did the same thing in our servers. Just recently I went through everthing again and realized that just by adjusting the count variable that it did what we wanted. The "whispy" smoke is set to 45 stock and if you drop it to under 10 or so it gets rid of the large fill smoke that covers sooooo much of the map.

I like the main smoke "ball" that occurs but not the light stuff that spreads out.