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02-25-2007, 10:52 PM
I posted this same question over at the "other site" and so far no one has had anything to say about it. We're trying to use the unknown soldier auto renamer to user our clan name so it would be ******** Guest #1 and so on. The problem is that we only get Guest's #1's and #2's and I've never seen it go higher than that. Some nights we'll have several 1's and 2's in the server at the same time which means the duplicate name setting isn't working as well.

I'd like it to number the Unknown's accordingly if possible. Ultimately it'd be nice if it wrote to the main player cfg so they'd keep it but as the mod writes to the fsgame they loose their name once they leave the server.

Here's how it's set up in our servers:

//************************************************** *************************************************
// Name Checker
//************************************************** *************************************************
// This is a small routine which is launched by the mod at the start of every game,
// it monitors players names and if it finds two that match, it renames the second to
// unknown soldier. Which forces them to change their name to something proper.
// 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, default = 0
set ex_namechecker "1"

//************************************************** *************************************************
// Unknown Soldier handling
//************************************************** *************************************************
// If a player joins your server as Unknown Soldier, the mod can pester them a little
// to get them to change their name. At any point they change their name the mod
// will thank them and allow them to play as normal.

// the mod can then change their name automatically to one of 5 preset names, how
// long in seconds should the mod wait before doing this? set this to 0 to disable this
// function.
// 0 = disabled, max = 60, default = 20
set ex_uswarndelay1 "0"

// after having their name changed for them, how long until we really start to annoy them?
// after this period of time (in seconds) the mod will randomly freeze them to the spot
// drop or disable their weapon. It will do that routine for 10 times and then allow them to
// play as normal, once they die this process will start again, unless they change their name!
// set this to 0 to disable this function, this function is also disabled when using the clan guest
// function
// min = 40, max = 120, default = 40
set ex_uswarndelay2 "0"

// if you wish to use your servers clan name with a guest number instead of 5 preset names
// set this dvar below, you will also need to enter the name of you server clan here, you can
// use colours but be warned too many colour commands will stop the full name from being
// displayed.....the mod will put the space in between your clantag and the word Guest!
set ex_usclanguest "1"
set ex_usclantag "^1Biohazard"

Should set ex_uswarndelay1 "0" be set to 1 in order for the clanguest to work properly and another player suggested that it should be set up like this instead:

et ex_usclanguest "1"
set ex_usclantag "^1Biohazard"

et ex_usclanguest "2"
set ex_usclantag "^1Biohazard"

et ex_usclanguest "3"
set ex_usclantag "^1Biohazard"

et ex_usclanguest "4"
set ex_usclantag "^1Biohazard"

but that seems to have no effect either.

I'm at a loss and this is a difficult one to test.

02-26-2007, 01:33 PM
set ex_namechecker "0" is what i use, and only one :
set ex_usclanguest "1"
set ex_usclantag "^1Biohazard"

altho i never have seen more then 2 guests at the same time on my server...indeed its difficult to test....but ill look into it, hopefully its something noticable in the code