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02-24-2007, 04:31 PM
Hi Marc,

Not sure where to post general questions about the mod but here it goes. Any reports on how the new CVAR structure with the 1.6 version affects the gameplay or the overall running of the servers? Does it change anything as far as lag issues are concerned?

I only ask because I just got 6 servers running smoothly with the 1.5 version so it makes me not want to go through it again anytime soon.

02-24-2007, 05:26 PM
I am not aware of any issues concerning gameplay or lag....altho its obviously to early to tell.
The only way to tell is to find out the hard way....all i can say that it runs smooth on one of my public cod2 servers...but one server doesn't make it conclusive.

Only server admins that are willing to try out the new dvar handling method can provide me with info....and thus alert me to try to make improvements on the system or to shift code around to make it run more smoothly (if the new system does indeed cause more lag)

I really do see your point about setting up a new mod again....on that many servers that you got to run perfectly.
But i have to make clear that without this new system...any new additions to extreme1.5 are hard to implement without shutting off another already existing feature...just because of that dvar limit...so eventually the crew on the other site have to try to get the drm method working as well.
This of course depends big time on the features you currently use and how the cfg files are setup.

I myself with the old system used up 767 dvars..which ain't close to the max amount....but again..others might.

And we just have to go from the worst case scenario...meaning...ALL options enabled with settings maxed out..and using map/gametype specific settings

I'm sorry i cant give you any clearer answer...but all that info has to come from you guys...the players and the server admins....without you we (the modders) are nothing.
In the end its all trial and error

02-24-2007, 05:49 PM
I see no reason why the DRM method could affect gameplay.

Only at the initialization of a map, when the first variable is accessed, all the config files are read ; if there is a slight delay, it won't be detectable because nobody would be playing during the load of the map.
After that all the values are stored in memory so in theory access to the variables should be faster than before ! but it should not be detectable either.

So it is very unlikely that this move to DRM will affect gameplay or lag. I would even dare say "impossible".

02-24-2007, 06:17 PM
WOW...2 replies within the hour!!! Thanks guys. I'll start it out on one server and go from there. I appreciate the info and the promptness of your replies.:bravo: