View Full Version : Battlefield: Bad Company - the new DICE engine

03-28-2009, 09:42 AM
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will feature for the first time Digital Illisions CE (DICE)'s new Frostbite procedural-drawing engine.

Built "from the ground up", and designed for the Xbox 360, the PS3, and multi-core PCs using Shader Model 4 (Directx 10), the Frostbite engine is the first procedural engine used in FPS games.

You can read about the methods used in procedural-drawing techniques in this PDF file from the engine designer himself (Johan Andersson) here:

http://developer.amd.com/assets/Andersson-Tatarchuk-FrostbiteRenderingArchitecture(GDC07_AMD_Session). pdf

For mappers, this means:

no more having to worry about texture seams, or splitting - procedural-drawing means textures blend effortlessly together.

no more having to worry about high rez vs low rez, as procedural drawing renders equally well in any given rez - you wont see any pixalation, as procedural drawing uses fractal rendering to increase/decrease shaders.

the ability to render (92%) destructible environments.

Sounds good, but I will wait to see if it does everything they say it will. However, having said that, as I have a soft-spot for the Battlefield series, I am very much looking forward to this title.