View Full Version : RGN design change

08-11-2008, 09:44 AM
Hi guys

Im new to this site but never the less i love it :D, its always the dure for my modding problems and server issuses. I normally stay quite and try not to posti just read and tbh i think some of u guys are great, but that not why im here.I think the server could do with a make over i desing and create many baners for websites i thik that Raiders.net needs a new banner. With my experties i could create a cool banner for the website that woud live'en up the site. Bring and actracting new members, it will be for free.

P.S i am most defianatly not trying to get money and i do not mean to offend the people who made the banners that are curently being used

Yours sincerely