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12-11-2006, 06:44 AM
From Slyk & the AHGN RO Crew;

The AHz Red Orchestra Development team is pleased to announce the release of the first in-game Anti-Tank gun for Red Orchestra. The AT-Gun is the Russian M1937 45mm anti-tank gun.

The M1937 AT-Gun will provide another level of depth to mappers and increased game play to the RO community as a much requested enhancement to RO. The M1937 saw service throughout the war but played it's most important role in the early war years. The model, skins and animations were wonderfully done by Lex. Scripting and audio command editing was done by Teufelhund and Slyk's wife contributed the source voice commands. Slyk acted as the task master and tester.

The M1937 will provide numerous features and a few new tricks adding another dimension to RO. The design of an AT-Gun base gun class will provide a foundation to allow for the rapid development of not only new anti-tank guns, but a starting point for mortars and pillboxes with or without turrets. Developing the anti-tank gun along the lines of a vehicle (actor) will allow the gun to be spawned, manned, destroyed and respawned as the map developer sees fit.

The M1937 will provide the mapper with a one or two player crew option. In single-crew mode (default), the player will attach straight to the gun as the Gunner. The Gunner will have three views; on the sight (default view), looking over the gun shield, and looking through binoculars. This is similar to the current views of a tank commander. In two-crew mode, the first player will attach to the left rear trail as the Gun Commander. The Gun Commander will be able to look over the gun shield and use binoculars to spot targets. The second player will attach as the Gunner and will be limited to the “on the sight” view. The two-crew mode is designed to more accurately reflect reality and provide cooperative play as a team.

The M1937 will be crewed only by non-tanker roles. The M1937 will have both AP and HE ammunition. The gun will be fixed and can not be moved. A future enhancement may allow the player in the Gun Commander position to reposition the gun on a different azimuth to engage targets outside traverse limits.

The M1937 will make its map debut in the final version of “Berezina”.

Our development pipeline also includes the following vehicles/weapons currently in development and testing.

KV1 early war tank with infantry rider capability and improved armor ratings over the KV1-S
Russian Gaz troop transport with infantry rider capability
German pak38 and pak40 anti-tank guns
Multi-service medium mortar================

The M1937 video can be downloaded here and is 1:38 long: M1937 AT Gun Video (http://www.after-hourz.com/misc/slyk/ro/M1937.zip)

Rear view:

Side view:

Front view:

Commander view 2, standing:

Commander view 3, standing with binoculars:

Sight view with range bar at 0 meters:

Sight view with range bar at 500 meters (bar moves to all ranges):


Absolutely fantastic!! I know of no better way to instill further excitement and enthusiasm into RO than with the introduction of new stunning and innovative creations.

For the past few years in UO, we were treated to the marvelous creations of Slyk and the AHGN Crew... now, with the advent of Berezina, and the promise of "bigger and better" things to come for Berezina and the future, Slyk and the Crew are providing outstanding productions for everyone in the RO arena to enjoy. :bravo:

12-15-2006, 07:42 AM
From Slyk & the AHGN RO Crew;

Third person shots from our test map:




12-18-2006, 09:30 AM
From Slyk & the AHGN RO Crew;

I am proud to announce the official notification of a true 'Random Spawn' script for RO vehicles/guns. Devildog (Teufelhund) has created a script specific to the 45mm that will add a new dimension to RO gameplay.

Random spawn features:

Guns can be individually set to random spawn or always spawn
Guns can be tagged to spawn according to the spawn manager control. This means that the guns will NOT appear until the coordinated spawn manager is triggered. Neither team will know what gun will spawn where until the related objective/spawn is activated.
Guns can have their respawn rate (time) and amount, 0-255 individually set.This feature will greatly enhance the mappers ability to create truly dynamic maps where the presence of the AT gun can help shape gameplay from round to round as it will nearly never play the same way twice. More true-to-life 'Search and Destroy' type maps can now be created as well.

Lex and Teufelhund have truly added an entire new dimension to the RO community. Thank you, guys! The new life 'Berezina' alone will garner is priceless.

Short movie and two screenshots follow. The movie shows two map loads and resets. You will notice the guns spawn to different positions on each map load and then on the reset, when the round would start.



Movie File:
45mm Random Spawn Video (http://www.after-hourz.com/misc/slyk/ro/45random1.zip)

12-20-2006, 06:06 AM
From Slyk & the AHGN RO Crew;

Update: December 19.

We recently conducted our first alpha test session and below are a few screenshots and a short :45 ish video of the animations. The video is a set of three 8.5 seconds loops, but will give you an idea of the recoil and shell ejection.




45mm AT Gun: Animations 1 (http://www.after-hourz.com/misc/slyk/ro/45animations1.zip)