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Mike Nomad
12-01-2006, 08:47 AM
RGN Servers

Server Rules

In order to provide the very best gaming experience possible while on our Servers, it is expected that http://forums.raidersmerciless.com/images/rgn_27.png members, server regulars and Public visitors will abide by the following rules AT ALL TIMES.

1- Cheating is strictly forbidden! Thankfully, VAC, PBBANS, PSB, AON & PB are quite effective. Be advised, we are aware of many new, not yet detected cheats on a weekly basis. Any attempts at cheating will be dealt with swiftly and severely with a BAN.

2 - Team-killing (Deliberate) & Spawn Camping, Raping/Equipment Destruction simply will not be tolerated. -Warned Twice then kicked. Repetitive occurrences, BAN.

3 - Use of Obscene Language is strictly FORBIDDEN.

4 - Good Sportsmanship is expected at all times. Nobody likes a sore loser or a smart mouth winner. Keep your sense of humor and the "insults" down to an appropriate fun level and kept good-natured. - warned twice then kicked.

5 - Be Polite, players from different countries, with different cultures, religions, traditions and ethnic backgrounds are welcome on our servers. Be polite, considerate and tolerant to all players. -Warned Twice then BAN.

6 - No Disruptive behavior, Clan Advertising, Recruiting or Spamming on our servers! - warned twice then kicked.

7 - COOPERATE with Admin Requests - Abide by requests made by an Admin. Failure do so - Warned Twice then BAN.

8 - DO NOT ARGUE WITH OR TAUNT AN ADMIN - Failure to Abide - Warned Twice then BAN.


Please, understand this, there is no fun for Admins in having to "police" a server. They join in to enjoy the game too. So please, be a responsible, cooperative player.

Above all else, do not expect to enter our server to use our players as your personal targets for target practice. Such behavior will be regarded the same as using a cheat. You will be BANNED with no possibility of reversal.

Nobody wants to spend more time spawning than playing. Great players know this & do not dominate servers with impunity, rather they "tone it down" and enjoy the fun & friendly game.

Join our server to enjoy your gaming time online, not to look for trouble or bust chops.

Be advised, http://forums.raidersmerciless.com/images/rgn_27.png Servers are enforcing ZERO Tolerance for ALL cheats. Including suspected cheats and DVAR/Script deviations.