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10-09-2007, 07:04 AM
From Slyk;

[Preview] RO-TractorWorks_Final

I have finally had time to get around to making the changes I have wanted with this level. Using great resource photos from Russ at www.fireonthevolga.com (http://www.fireonthevolga.com), I have altered several of the main buildings to closer match their actual foot prints. I have again had to take some liberties in filling in content. You will notice some major changes like connection of the gate to the admin building, the AT gun remains, now moved inside the blasted hole near it's original position. The northwest apartments now has an annex to the east with three flights of stairs, the top with open windows overlooking the West Commons objective area. There are now additional hallways and stairs connecting this annex to the remainder of the building.

I have also done some texture replacments. The biggest difference is in the gate, now with a three story addition on it's north wing, accessible for sniping and MGs. The other major change is the height of the admin itself...now four stories. Only two remain in play.

I am still working on minor tweaks and adding more details to the entire level. It is a bit more efficient due to taller anti-portals. I have not and do not intend to alter spawns, vehicle counts etc. This will be the final major release for this scenario. New images below.

High angle view of the remade gate and admin:

Looking toward the gate/admin:

Low angle view across the monument area:

Beginning camera position:

Looking across the West Commons, note the annex of the Northwest Apartments:

Closer view across the monument area and a look at the three floors of the Gate's north wing.

Looking across the annex stairs and out onto the West Commons:

View from over the Apartments looking east at the Administration building:

Looking north toward the Monument Square: