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10-08-2007, 07:27 AM
From Slyk;

Early November 1941, the first snows are falling as the Wehrmacht lunges forward like a staggering boxer. Attempting to encircle Moscow to the northwest and cut off the cities of Klin and Kalinin (Tver) from the capital, the Panzers reach for the Volga canal. Russian reinforcements have flooded into the sector and hammer at the depleted German forces. Here, southeast of Klin, the final days of "Typhoon" play out as the Germans batter their way forward against Russian strong point defenses and the 'Outer Ring' of Moscow's fortifications.

This scenario is the third in the "Barbarossa" series: "Berezina", "Elnya", and now "Klin". Covering an area of one kilometer by 800 meters in size, combined arms forces of both armies will contest ridge tops, log bunkers, trench defenses, and the scattered houses in the early snows of 1941. Time of course, is on the side of the Russian forces and they have ample ground to trade for time...and lives. The German armor and infantry must push forward with coordinated thrusts to eventually crack the heavily defended "Outer Ring" of trench and concrete bunkers to the east.

"Klin" will feature several new vehicles from the MinionWorkz team including the KV-1B, StuG-B, Zis-3 76mm gun, Zis-5v truck and the BT7 with the M1937 AT gun. Winter skins will accompany most models.

More information to come. Anticipated beta release: October 2007.

*Images 1-9 with bloom on, 10 off. View distance is approximately 350 meters.