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09-24-2007, 04:15 PM
Ok, this idea may sound a little far fetched...

But, since their is a limit on the Head or Hud Icon rankings per image... Maybe, the next idea would be to go to custom edited skins per mod.

For example...

Every clan has their own command structure... Which is why we have Ranks above our heads... So, that we can utilize the :

"Preset ranks for individual players"
section of the actual mod.

We have the option to program which player starts with which rank due to their username...

What if, it could be possible, that a player with that username could have their own skin...

What are the skin limitations?

The reason for edited skins, is the regular players that don't have their name in the preset ranks, would only have the default skin, which is the normal...

However, if maybe a certain skin could be created, that could only be accessible by a players name that is the
Preset Ranks area of the mod, then that skin could be modified per players actual position within the clan.

*It would have to override each maps request for only a specific uniform in the gsc's.

Such as the skin could say on the back or front:

"ADMIN" in big yellow letters, or maybe an image that represents ADMIN could be added to this skinned uniform.

Other positional Titles could be added to each defined custom skin, that is only accessible by requesting for it, within the preset ranks.

Such as:
(These titles listed below could be added/embedded to the uniforms.)

- Recruiter
- Security
- Clan Member or (Clans actual Tag Name)
- War General

The idea is to have sections of certain positions have their own skin in the game.

This way, in the game, players see these other players with their position either written on their uniform or a logo on their uniforms that represents their own position in the clan.

The preset ranks could be programmed to state which custom uniform should be used per player that is listed on the preset ranks.

*Currently, the preset ranks, do not work in this fashion.

It could look like:

set wwx_psr_name_0 "JOEY THE RANCHER"
set wwx_psr_rank_0 "12"
set wwx_psr_skin_0 "american_recruiter"

Now, thats just a very far fetched idea, as I'm not
sure of the limitations of skins at this point, also I have
heard that having too many variable active skins could
crash servers.

So, let me know what you guys think.

09-25-2007, 11:59 AM
there are skin dvar/cvar limits I've seen that are configurable, and some issues that have arisen have a solution to limiting the skins.

I can't remember the issues involved ATM.

I seem to recall a mod out there that did make an attempt at a skin per rank. I'll try to think of it, ATM I can't think of it though.