View Full Version : Bug: UpHill Sprinting

08-06-2007, 03:35 PM
ww2x v1.8a
windows server

Well, this bug can be a pain in the rear,
and I have experienced this bug many times...

Now, I'm not sure if it is a setting that maybe I am missing,
but this 'UpHill Sprinting' bug is a real pain...

Basically, the bug occurs when players attempt to sprint up a steep hill... Basically, the sprinting shuts off, although, players still still see at least HALF of sprint still remaining in the graphical sprint hud.

Although, I have seen the bug occur at random times, when players are running over certain textures (that may or may not be hilly)

Now, I have the jump monitoring turned off on my server...

I believe that something in the '_wwx_sprintsystem.gsc'
file is causing players to not be able to sprint up a hill or
on certain textures on a map... This bug occurs on stock and custom maps...

One of the specific reasons why I consider this a bug, is
because the bug is NOT controllable and happens so randomly that it makes it feel unrealistic, and players are quickly becoming upset when they try and sprint away from enemy fire... as most COD2 maps have certain hilly areas to them and
obviously certain textures that are found on most COD2 maps.

Oh and to add, they are NOT carrying the flag at the time of this bug.