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08-04-2007, 03:47 PM
ww2x 1.8a
Windows Server
CTF gametype
Advanced Setup

Well, this has to be the most interesting bug,
that I have ever came across and to be honest, I'm not sure
if maybe it is a setting that I have done in my server cfg files
or what...

But, when Grenades are set to ranksystem,
then when players capture a flag and if the player has a certain amount of nades, the nades are doubled or tripled.

Even when the grenades are NOT allowed to be picked up from the ground, as that setting is disabled, somehow players
are able to receive double or sometimes triple the amount of grenades for both regular grenades and sticky bombs in off hand second slot when they kill other players...

The ww2x mod seems to act as if it is rewarding players that have usernames in the psr clan rank system, it is rewarding players for flag captures and rewarding players by killing other players with giving them double or triple grenades.

This is happening quite often, as long as the players name is in the Pre-set rank system to receive a certain rank of grenades...

Now, if players don't start with any grenades or if players don't have any grenades in their offhand packs, then the bug will NOT occur.

This is a very NASTY bug, most likely a bug that is causing massive 999 pings and it could be causing connections interruptions, which could possibly be leading to server crashes.

My first initial thought was that the bug was caused by an outside mod that was in the clients COD2/MAIN folder, but I made sure they cleaned that out to the proper files in the clients MAIN folder.

Now please don't confuse that with the Server Files, as
my Server files (mod files) are in their own fs_game folder.

This is considered a critical bug, as many players are running around with 8 to 12 grenades in their offhand packs. It is awful at times, because it can bring the server to a screech or it can cause certain players with that bug, to experience awful 999 pings for several minutes.

There is a possibility that the player name may NOT have to be in the PSR rank system, However, I have only seen it with the PSR rank system players.

Any help is appreciated.

08-04-2007, 06:55 PM
in the _wwx_ranksystem.gsc :

self ww2x\_wwx_weapons::updateLoadout();

there are 2 instances of this...comment them out and see if this helps

08-06-2007, 03:10 PM
That worked Marc,
We nolonger get double or triple grenades
and we no longer get rewarded for our
flag captures with more nades...

Although, that was an interesting bug,
that could have proven useful, if it was controllable
in the CFG files....

As it is an interesting concept to be rewarded nades
for Flag Captures, but, the bug was NOT just rewarding
flag captures, it was rewarding players that killed other
players by giving them instant rewarded nades.

So, the bug, could have been causing connection interruptions,
since players were ending out with 12 nades at any given time, LOL.

Thank you for fixing it,
and you might want to consider figuring out
how to utilize this bug as a more controllable
reward system in the future.

08-06-2007, 05:03 PM
it was/is not a bug....its a way to award the grenades in the ranksystem ....meaning if you get to a specific rank which would award you with an x amount of nades....it now gives them to you without dieing first...remember the "normal" way is that you got the new ranks nades after you died and respawned.

the problem is that it gives you the amount of nades on top of the ones you still have.......but once you die and respawn it gives you the set amount of nades for that rank.

so whats to do is to figure out a way that it switches the amount to the set ones instead of adding it to the current ones you still have