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07-18-2007, 03:06 PM
Currently the ww2x mod, allows the Admins with RCON access
to punish the players...

Well, what happens when there are no RCON Admins on the servers
and some of these players are being overly rude with other good players
in the game...

The idea would be to allow the players to VOTE to PUNISH other players...

This idea could also work for clan members that don't have rcon access,
but maybe the script could be coded to where only Clan Members can vote to punish players OR the script can be used where all players can vote against a certain bad player on that server.

Now, there is obviously some monitoring/punishment commands that we would NOT want the public to be able to use...

But, the punishment commands that might be great for non rcon players to vote on, would be:

- Lock that Certain bad Player in place
- Disable the weaponry of that bad player
- Blind the bad player (By having his/her entire world view blurred.)
- Mute the bad player (From the entire server ingame)
- Force bad player to spectator for entire map round.

Now each time the players votes on a specific bad player,
maybe they don't get a list of options, BUT, maybe each
punishment command comes up depending on severity of
that bad player...

This would be helpful for servers that don't want to allow other players or their clan to be allowed to kick other players... Especially since the kicking option could be misused... Some bad players just need a wake up call? What are we teaching these bad players if we are just kicking or banning them.

For example:

The bad player curses every 2 seconds in game, obviously the good players are wanting the bad player to either leave or the good players want the bad player to get the hint...

So, all the players in game vote on a specific bad player, the number of votes that outweigh win... So, if the players on the server decided that they wanted this bad player punished,
then script would take over and punish that bad player for them..

The script would be programmed to start out with the first level of punishment:

- Disable Weapon for 60 seconds

While the bad players weapon is disabled, if the players on the server, felt that the bad player was getting worse, then they can issue another vote on the bad player, even when the bad player is already being punished...

This leads to the next level of punishment for that specific bad player:

- Frozen and Disabled Weapon for 120 seconds

The bad player is still causing issues by cursing and such, the players on the server can immediately begin the next vote, even while the bad player is being already punished:

- Blinded (World view is blurred) - 160 seconds

Now, there is already a way to mute players in game, but maybe it might be best to put in a vote to mute the player from the entire ingame chat...


You might be able to put in a code that makes the final action to kick, although, since I'm trying to get around the kicking, maybe just make the final action to force the player to spectator for the entire map round, and the bad player can not come back into the game from spectator, until the next map round, where everything is refreshed and the bad player starts with a clean slate...

Just a thought...

07-18-2007, 05:06 PM
the potential for abuse is very high.

I've even seen servers (mine) where a group or clan of people would come in and try to vote ME off the server so they could run amuck. That's the reason the only voting I allow is map and gametype.

Even 'experienced' rcon admins I've had helping in the past have allowed the powers to go to their head eventually- forcing an RCON password change and a probationary period of that admin not having rcon privs.

07-18-2007, 10:01 PM
Yes...this is very true. Many players out there will do anything to get their way, even if it includes trying to get rid of an admin.

As such, maybe there should be TK punishments, decided by the person who was teamkilled? Much like various CS mods do - leave TK punishments in the hands of the victim of TK.

Also maybe there should be some sort of language filtering built into the game, with admin-defined punishments?

Anything else for issues without admins in the server? Voting on issues with other players leaves room for abuse, and this will be taken advantage of by groups of bad apples who play in said server.

07-19-2007, 12:50 AM
Well a name filter wouldn't be too hard to code,
because of the existing code for the preset psr rank names...

Basically a script could be designed where if a certain name is
in the list, then it will kick them after a set time, I believe Punkbuster
already has this function, although, there are alot of servers that won't
use punkbuster for personal reasons...

I thought I saw another mod, that did:

badname "USERNAME"

maybe I'm thinking punkbuster?

Anyways, I'm not sure how you would code the psr rank names script
to always scan ingame chat messages... Although, if you can have a script monitor ingame chat messages (Team and Non Team), then it would just compare it to the list of bad words, similar to the way the preset psr rank names work (It compares it to the correct name).

But, it probably wouldn't work, because you would need the script to read into the actual sentence.

Such as if your blocking the word "Hate"
and then in the ingame chat it comes up : "I hate that you shot me!"

Then you need the script to pull out the word hate from a sentence...

So, it probably would be easier to create a bad name filter...

I hope that one day we can use clan tags at the end of our name and
that the Scripts will recognize that as a clan tag... for now, I believe the mod will only recognize the clan tag at the beginning of the name. It can't pick out from any part of the name, it has to be in the front...

07-19-2007, 12:27 PM
I was on a server that had PB voting. What punishment and how it all worked is beyond me but it did work... a couple of guys got booted due to afk in sd match... public server.

07-19-2007, 02:10 PM
prolly power points
PB can give power points to some "privileged" users so they have a little more control over others..without jeopardising the rcon

about the punish vote.....its interesting however i find it way to dangerous ....like more have said....some do anything to annoy even the server admin
yes you can ban those...however i fear it would be an endless battle