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01-24-2012, 10:20 AM
When registering, providing any false and/or misleading information is cause for immediate deletion.

(Hint; birth date, location, etc.., correct immediately.)


Signature pictures in posts are getting "out of hand".... please abide by our rules - keep your signature size within the requested limits.

Also, If you see this;


or this;


Your sig pic was too large - Please, abide by our rules....

The "large" hosted Sig pics and especially the large animated Sig's take too long to load.

The large server banners are the worst offenders for loading slowly and most are over our size limits. (Gametracker, etc.) Please use the smaller (bars) banners they provide.

Offending Sig/Server banners will be removed. Please use the correct size.

Please read our:

Rules and Regulations (http://[url]http//forums.raidersmerciless.com/announcement.php?f=2)