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bp (nor)
01-14-2012, 07:44 PM
The Monster Hiding in Norway


Early March 1941 the Tirpitz left Wilhelmshaven and went to Kiel via the Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal to prepare for hunting in the Baltic .


The Tirpitz is shown firing her forward 380-mm guns in May 1941. The heavy clouds to the stern are from an ealier salvo.


Knight's Move. German units having assembled in Altafjord in Norway preparatory to an offensive against the Allied Murmansk convoys, one of the two battlegroups sets out, with Tirpitz leading the heavy cruisers Admiral Hipper and Admiral Scheer.


The burning Barentsburg at Spitzbergen is seen from Tirpitz's foredeck.


The unsuspecting Tirpitz hiding behind her nets in Kåfjord in Norway.
Smoke has just been released from the canisters ashore, but too late to conceal her.


An attempt by the British to put the Tirpitz out of action by using human torpedoes .A Norwegian, Leif Larsen, who escaped from Norway to Britain earlier, was put in charge of the operation. The idea was to tow 2 torpedoes using a newly completed fishing boat "Arthur" until they were close to the target (Tirpitz).


The fishing boat "Arthur" at Lunna Voe on the Shetlands.


Tirpitz photographed on 18 October 1944 off Håkøya near Tromsø. This was her final anchorage.


As the Tirpitz is devastated by fire, another tallboy bomb explodes well wide of the target.


The Tirpitz capsizes.Of the 1,700 men on board about 1,000 were drowned: 87 were rescued by cutting holes in the ship's bottom to compartments where they had climbed.


Work starts on breaking Tirpitz up and sold as scrap.

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She was a powerful warship, the term "pocket" battleship was certainly misleading!

bp (nor)
01-18-2012, 06:10 PM
The big battleships was like the dinosaurs they died out, so sad:no way: