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06-12-2007, 12:24 PM
window single iwd ver 1.7b with zzz_bp.iwd incorporated.

The auto-balance prompt is comming up when there is a difference of one player. No balancing occurs but the series of messages do come up. The series of messages comes up repeatedly also, I don't have a time between them, I can check if needed.

in particular 1 vs. 2 and one in spec., playing stock map.

06-12-2007, 12:48 PM
Not sure if this actually works, but I used to use it back in the day,
when this problem was occuring, although, to be honest I don't think
the following setting works like this, as I believe it may just be 0 for off and 1 for on, but nevertheless:

set scr_teambalance "2"

Now if the team auto balance stops working after that, then set back to one,
and I believe the team balance stuff is located in:

server side part of the mod

you could do one of 2 things:

// out the part where it talks about "iprintlnbold", and basically that prints the messages to the screen.

Although, there is no doubt in my mind that some where in that file, you could simply just increase to : greater than 1 or greater than 2,
just haven't seemed to find that yet, because most say more than zero???

Might be somewhere, not sure...