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06-12-2007, 12:10 PM
ww2x v1.7.0b
2 part Client/Server Setup
CTF and CTFb

Ok, I have had problems with killcam before :


//Map/Team/Player Settings
set scr_freelook "0"
set scr_spectateenemy "0"
set g_forceteamspectate "1"

// Killcam
set scr_roundcam "0"
set scr_killcam "1"

The past problem was when you died from your own grenade or sometimes when you just died, it will allow you to fly around the map and it wouldn't go immediately into killcam as it should, basically, I thought it was suppose to go to killcam and then it was to show your other buddies on your team, until you pressed F, as I have forced respawn off too.

But, that past problem seems to be fixed or I am just not noticing it as much, but NOW the new problem became with players that killed themselves, or died from landmines or if they died by falling, that they immediately go into spectate and fly around the map, although they just need to press F, and their back in the game.

To many players, that get upset and they call it cheating... Some people just want to think everyone is cheating... for crying out loud...

So, I opened up the server side part of the mod,
and edited : maps>mp>gametypes>_killcam.gsc

I went to line:
53 through 57,
and previously it had all of the settings for those lines set to true.
Although, their may have been a reason that they were all set to true,
but in CTF/CTFb it was causing major problems as I explained above.

I set freelook to false, which I believe is what cured the problem.
But, just in case I also set 'NONE' to false too.

Now, I nolonger get this killcam flying around spectate problem,
But, if the 'NONE' setting in the _killcam.gsc is suppose to be set to true,
please let me know ASAP.

I didn't have much choice but to set freelook or none to false as, players
were getting edgy. LOL.