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06-11-2007, 04:22 PM
I know with ww2x, that currently each user's rank can be set in the
ranksystem.cfg under "Preset ranks for induvidual players."

But, I like that idea, but since I have a clan of more than 40 clan members and
my use the ranksystem, I would like for all my clan members to at least start with 1 gernade and 1 smoke or 1 gernade and 1 special smoke nade at the beginning of the map round.

But, I do NOT want my NON clan members to receive that 1 gernade/1 smoke,
at the first start of the game, but they will start out at rank 0 or
clan members or non clan members will obviously start at the rank that is preprogammed in the "Preset ranks for individual players".

I currently have 25 names that are preset, and most of the names are clan members, and it is obvious that one day, there might be a limit to the amount of player names that may be able to be programed per individual preset.

So, I am wondering, how can I set it, to allow for clan members to start at a certain rank, such as say "RANK 3" and the seperate players are non clan members start at "RANK 0"

Now, maybe I want certain clan members to start at much higher ranks, which I of course would just preset them individual at that point.

But, for my lower ranking clan members, I want them to all start at "RANK 3".

How can I accomplish this, and is it possible, maybe I can just add the clan tag by itself in the PRESET RANK area, would that then set everyone that has that clan tag to RANK 3, would it conflict with the other individual clan members that are programmed individually in the PRESET RANK AREA that will obviously have higher ranks?

My clan members would like to start out with special stuff as a reward for joining the clan.

06-14-2007, 04:18 PM
Just wanted to add, that I have now tested in the ranksystem.cfg,
about 100 Preset ranks for induvidual players with the 1.7.0b version
of ww2x.

So, far I haven't seen any problems whatsoever about using 100 presets,
infact, there might be a possibility of using a whole lot more.

Most likely due to the DRM being used,
I am wondering, did Marc code the Preset Ranks for DRM?

As it is working beautifully.

So far, using 100 preset ranks, with almost all the goodies on,
equals to about:

=============================== DVAR DUMP ========================================

535 total dvars
535 dvar indexes
=============================== END DVAR DUMP =====================================

Holy Crap! That is awesome...

Although, I would still like to see in the future, an easier way,
to control clan membership versus their rank, such as
if a member joins the clan, then they automatically get the special
rank, such as like rank 3, as long as they use the CLANTAG.

Now, I am curious, what are the limitations to DRM,
will it cause lag? Does the Preset ranks cause any issues to DRM or
are the Preset Ranks just being counted into the total Dvars?

I am amazed, because someone has stated that:

COD2 has a max dvar limit (1280).

So what are the DRM limitations. Everything has to have a limit,
by adding more DRM dvars or what ever it is called, what problems
are going to arise, and is this nothing to worry about, since DRM
obviously can handle these situations nicely.

06-14-2007, 05:49 PM
If I may shed some light on this...

DRM was called Dvar Replacement Module (man, I like this name, especially because nowadays you find some stinking DRM just about everywhere :d).
Replacement means exactly that : variables are not read through dvars but by reading in files.
The 1280 limit still exists, but with DRM you don't need to put every single option in a dvar.

About the limitations of DRM, well... who knows ?
I don't think we'll hit a limit on the number of open files, since they are open and closed in sequence.
Maybe a memory limit, because DRM variables are read then stored in memory instead of dvars.

DRM is based on experimental, undocumented features of the scripting language.
That does not mean it doesn't work, WW2X is the proof that it's working.
To which extent... only the future will tell...

07-11-2007, 07:37 PM

A feature of being able to set up tags for a pre rank would be nice. I'd like to be able to do it for our clan members who all help to pay for our servers as a membership perk but we have 100 members and keeping 7 servers up to date by adding each one individually is just too much.

07-11-2007, 07:53 PM
I'm just wondering why you would want to give anyone an advantage over anyone else, I know you say they are clan members and help pay for the server and all but, if I said to the guys who help pay for our server "do you want an advantage over any other players that come in" I would get a resounding "NO I prefer to earn it", non of my business of course I was just wondering.

07-19-2007, 07:55 AM
I'm just wondering why you would want to give anyone an advantage over anyone else, I know you say they are clan members and help pay for the server and all but, if I said to the guys who help pay for our server "do you want an advantage over any other players that come in" I would get a resounding "NO I prefer to earn it", non of my business of course I was just wondering.

From my viewpoint of running a clan with 100+ members having a preset rank to offer is just one more perk for joining the clan. It would set our members apart from the public players in a rather huge way. It's not about gaining advantages over other players as much as it is getting recognized for being in the clan.

All of that simply makes joining our clan even that much more desirable to those who play in our servers and ultimatly in the end that drives up public donations to the clan to help pay for everything that we do including further perks for our members like free t-shirts or mousepads.

Think of it as a store having a "preferred customer" sale. If you asked your members if they'd like to pay full prices for something or take part in a group discount I bet they'd want the discount.

07-19-2007, 12:01 PM
Yah, I fully agree with you RaDioAcTivE...

By chance, have you seen this option in another mod,
so that I may be able to rip it out of another mod into
the ww2x....

of course, I would ask the other mod 'author's' permission first,
but to be honest, I haven't seen this option in any other mod...

I don't think the code exists yet...

You would need to tie in the :

set wwx_clantag# "[CLANNAME]"
set wwx_psr_clantag# "3"

then that person with that clantag# would always start out at
rank 3...

Now this of course wont work this way, until someone codes it, to
tie into the psr...

I was experimenting a little with the PSR (preset rank) code, to see
if there was a way to get it to:

set wwx_psr_name_0 "[CLANNAME]"
set wwx_psr_rank_0 "3"

However, the code wants the full name to be exact,
so regardless how many times that I tried figuring out the
code, it just either would give everyone all the nades and goodies
or nobody would get it...

Another problem would have been the conflicts of clantags... as if you tie in the clan tags with the psr, than the code needs to know that players with certain usernames in the psr, should have more goodies, then the default clan member... for example:

your default clan members start with:

set wwx_clantag# "[CLANNAME]"
set wwx_psr_clantag# "3"

but your more senior clan members, you may want them to have extra goodies:

set wwx_psr_name_# "[CLANNAME]USERNAME"
set wwx_psr_rank_# "12"

So, their could be a conflict in which your more senior members might get the rank 3 or sometimes they might get the rank 12.

I've seen this actually happen when a player drops a piece of their name such as:


Although the RC is no longer there, their username is, and sometimes the PSR gets confused as the psr line probably still has the RC for that username. So, the player is sometimes getting the goodies and sometimes the player is NOT getting the goodies... definitely a bug there... but, not a bad one...

PST Joker, I guess had came out the code that would read clantags at the end of the name. Which is rather cool for clantag welcome messages, although PST Joker's code be utilized for something even more, such as
if the code to allow PSR to clantag is tied in, then the :


with PST Joker's code for reading clantags anywhere in the username, could be utilized for psr (Preset Ranking) purposes as well...

only time will tell... but it would be great for clans to have this feature,
and obviously the feature might have to tie back into the ranking system in some form... maybe there is an easier way than I described?

07-19-2007, 02:07 PM
fiddled around with it a bit already...
it will come it will come...after my vacation :)