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08-20-2011, 08:15 PM
BF3 Team Deathmatch only supports 24 players on all platforms (http://bf3blog.com/2011/08/bf3-team-deathmatch-only-supports-24-players-on-all-platforms/)

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There have been plenty of reveals at GamesCom over the past few days, one of which involves the new game mode in Battlefield 3: Team Deathmatch. DICE has confirmed that Team Deathmatch in Battlefield 3 will support 24 players on all platforms, and will be without vehicles. Team Deathmatch will be focused entirely on tight infantry portions of regular maps.

While 24 players doesnít sound like much compared to 64 players in conquest mode, remember that the map is tighter, the gameplay is more focused and intense. Bad Company 2′s squad deathmatch was limited to 16 players and never managed to feel inadequate. Which leads us to squad deathmatch in Battlefield 3: it hasnít been confirmed, but itís easy to imagine 12 player teams be split up into 3 squads in Team Deathmatch.

SOURCE (http://bf3blog.com/2011/08/bf3-team-deathmatch-only-supports-24-players-on-all-platforms/)


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