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06-11-2007, 12:06 PM
I just started setting up the gametype and map vote feature. I must say that this is a HUGE feature to have and it is AWESOME!:bravo:

Congrates on this!:bravo:

I don't think this is possible but could you imagine if there were map previews also.:o No worries though.

I hadn't check at the time of post but, is this voting, can it be clan only as well?


06-11-2007, 12:36 PM
did you miss 1.6.3 ?.....that was also in there......came from ned's and oddballs awe ce edition.
do note tho that if they select a gametype from that....and they then vote for a map that aint supporting that gametype......trouble (perhaps)
this system does not leave out the maps that dont support a particular gametype like the stock callvote

still the same as before...if you set the clanconfig that way...only clanmembers can vote (was that also on the normall callvote?....if so then yes..if not...then no...nothing has changed.......xcept the better way to intergrate custom maps)

06-11-2007, 03:49 PM
richman, I too am starting to take advantage of the 50+ map voting system that was previously introduced in ww2x v1.6.3... at first, I really didn't care for the 50+ map voting system, mostly because, I didn't really have time to mess with as you had to add text to several files, which just was a nightmare...

But then in ww2x version 1.7.0b, marc came up with the idea of having an editable gsc file from the scriptdata, that would work the 50+ map voting system. No more editing individual script files. THANK GOD...

So, now, I can't imagine living without the 50+ map voting system.

Nice Work Marc.

Btw, richman, that's an interesting idea, of incorporating images to the 50+ map voting system. So, when your moving over a selection, it shows you the image of the map...

Although, this idea is already present in the CREATE A SERVER area of COD2 in the main menu. Maybe, it might be possible to create a single auto changeable icon image that appears somewhere on the grid, while the 50+ map voting system is being used. Similar to the idea of the :

set wwx_logopic "1"

Not sure if COD2 limits this idea, since COD2 has major limits in regards to precaching images?

06-11-2007, 05:18 PM
guys.......this idea of the mapvote working together with the callvote system is not my idea...its PatmanSan's ...i want to make that specificly clear...credits are his...and ofcourse the orriginal code that has been made for awe.

i was already looking into this stuff tho...but wanted to use another .ini file....not important anymore....he came up with a coop between the 50mapvote and the callvote.....beats my idea

that bing said....im unbanned from the extreme forums....offered a handshake and a cant we just get allong and leave the crap behind.

ofcourse i accepted...never wanted the past crap in the first place

what does this mean:
Nothing changes for ww2x....it remains here....support as well
wont activly code for extreme, im just a forum user there....doesnt mean i wont help out if really needed concerning user questions..heck i already did...or tried.
Perhaps its a beginning to swap ideas and maybe even code so each mod can bennefit from it...without all the... they ripped....no they ripped...yes but we had it first...blahblahblah drama.

im not saying were best buddies again....but its a good start
the cod community only can bennefit from this..noone wants or needs the (hopefully now belonging to the past) crap

06-11-2007, 06:04 PM
I couldn't agree more marc, and am glad to hear that. This community has had enough BS and childish fighting to last a lifetime! Now it is time to play.:) and thanks to you, the boys of AWE and eXtreme we can almost refer to POS2 as COD2 again . . . . well maybe I'm getting too excited.


06-11-2007, 06:31 PM
That's great new Marc. As you know I run both of the mods on my servers.

Now for some good ole friendly and healthy competition. :bravo:

06-11-2007, 07:07 PM
guys.......this idea of the mapvote working together with the callvote system is not my idea...its PatmanSan's

correction noted...

Were the menu options just added? Maybe I didn't "switch" this on. In any event...thanks for incorporating this in into ww2x...:bravo:

I seen the map vote before and it seemed to be a bit cumbersome to use and didn't give it much thought. But now with the use of the gsc file it is no bother at all to use.

06-13-2007, 07:59 PM
ww2x v1.7.0b

I need help... and when I say that, I mean I need help with the voting part of the mod. LOL.

I have 20 custom maps in the map rotation, and I am using the CTF line in the maprotation.cfg, with just the 20 custom maps and no stock maps listed on that maprotation line.

I have programmed the "_wwx_votemaps.gsc" file with the 20 custom map names.

At the end of the game, all 20 custom maps show up in the list to be voted upon. BUT, I also wanted all the STOCK Maps to show up in the voting list, that displays at the end of map/game round. For some reason only the 20 custom maps show up at the end vote round, and none of the stock maps show up in the list.

I have the following line's set to:

set wwx_map_vote_max "50"
set wwx_map_vote_mode "1"

How do I get the stock maps in the end game voting list?

I guess most of the maps are not being listed at the end of the game, unless
they are both entered in the votemaps.gsc file and in the maprotation line.

Since there is a limit to how many maps that you have in the maprotation line, how do I get the stock maps to display at the end game 50+ map voting system?

Maybe I am just missing something, but I was pretty sure you cant have that many maps listed in the maprotation line? How many maps can you have listed in the maprotation line? What is the character limit for it?

06-14-2007, 09:38 AM
the 50 mapvote only shows the maps in the maprotation....so if the stock maps aint in the rotation they wont show.

wether your map rotation can hold 50 maps is a different matter..depends on the size of the map names.

a maprotation can only be 1024 bytes long.........thats the official stand on this....however i have seen maprotations that exceeded this 1024 bytes and still runned fine.....you just will have to try it.

so if your maprotation has say 30 maps in it.....and you set the amount of maps allowed to vote for to 50..it will still only show those 30 maps in the rotation....and not these 30 and 20 others you might have on your server.

and ofcourse....30 maps in rotation and you allow 10 to vote for.....it chooses 10 maps out of that 30 each time

@ richman...no those menu options were already there to callvote and all gametype options already existed in 1.6.2...believe they were commented out by default inthe cfg's tho

what is new .is the fact that the maps that were shown there now also are used for the 50 map voting system...which saves you the hassle of edditing 4 files before a new map is shown correctly at your server in the vote options....its now only 1 file.....and the best part the client doesnt need to redownload.

there is however 1 function in the mod that now doesnt work anymore because of this enhanced system (well actually 2 but 1 is really trivial) ...i wonder if any of you noticed it already...lol

06-14-2007, 12:19 PM
there is however 1 function in the mod that now doesnt work anymore because of this enhanced system (well actually 2 but 1 is really trivial) ...i wonder if any of you noticed it already...lol

ooo...a scavenger hunt...:p