View Full Version : Major Error: Ctfb overflow (1310)

06-08-2007, 01:41 PM
Windows Server
Bolts Only - set
ww2x 1.7.0a - latest download
2 part Server/Client in 2 iwd's.
Without Custom Maps

Ran into a Major error, tested this with
my demo server, and it continued to crash with:

dvar set com_errorMessage G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1310): 'RANK_GERMAN_1'
ERROR: G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1310): 'RANK_GERMAN_1'

I have never seen this error before, and I am unable to trace the error,
because this is all the information gives me.

I then ran it in CTF and I didn't get the error, but once
I ran it in CTFb, I got the error and the server crashed.

What does this error mean? Does there a broken code somewhere
that was suppose to be DRM'ed?

I'm totally lost.

For now, I will have to just run my servers in crappy CTF... ugh,
I am so frustrated, if it's not one thing, it's another.

06-08-2007, 01:51 PM
Also, to add to the post above,
I tested the other gametypes and
they worked fine, appears this error
is just with CTFb.

06-08-2007, 03:19 PM
just tested this..with 24 bots ...boltaction and all weps gametype ctfb...with preset rank and without.

could not reproduce this (1.7b version tho....but nothing changed in the gametypes or ranksystem...nearly a turret runtime error release)

06-08-2007, 06:40 PM
Well, I am baffled and about to pull my hair out,
for now I will leave it on CTF and hope none of my admins
call for CTFb, LOL.

I have been up and down every CFG settings, and been in and out of the code, and everything looks... perfect.

But, CTFb will not work, it will crash the server, I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem.

I am going to try several different things,

first I am gonna start from the beginning, pure clean slate, with a pure
CFG scriptdata files.

I honestly have no idea what may be causing this error, hopefully it's just
the CFG settings in the scriptdata folder.

Although I can tell that you had modified the CTFb and CTF gametype files after 1.7.0 or 1.7.0a, although, there doesn't appear to be anything different from 1.6.3, except the dropped parenthesis in one of the line of code in the CTFb file.

I will figure it out though, or I will just have to wait for 1.7.0b or
I will just drop back down to 1.6.3...

Hopefully, I will figure out what I did wrong...

06-08-2007, 07:18 PM
i stand corrected, i did change the gametype.cfg's forthe fire and gas grenades (callback_playerdamage)

but other than that....nothing

06-08-2007, 07:59 PM
Ok... after several
and I mean several hours,
I found the error.

Well, I found out what is causing the error,
but I haven't found out where it is in the mod that is causing it.

However, for people that get this error, and believe me, you will
get this error :

1 or 2 step Server IWD's
Server crashes with : OVERFLOW

Bug exists because of a conflict of settings in the actual mod
versus CTFb.

To test the bug, use a pure 1 or 2 step Server ww2x iwd files,
and use the pure scriptdata cfg's.

Now within the scriptdata folder, find the CFG file labeled
'healthcontrol', and go to this line:

// bleed message on screen
// 0 = left, above compass (default)
// 1 = centre screen
// 2 = scroll text area centre top -- adds to gamestate!
// 3 = bottom centre -- adds to gamestate!

Try any setting other than zero and you will get the following errors:

1 - ERROR: G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1310): 'RANK_GERMAN_1'
2 - ERROR: G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1310): 'MPUI_IHTF'
3 - ERROR: G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (1310): 'MPUI_IHTF'

To stop this error from crashing while using CTFb gametype
use option 0.

There obviously is a conflict between CTFb versus the bleed messages on screen, not really sure how that works.

Hope this works for everybody, as it took several hours of hair pulling
for me to figure this one out.

Thanks Marc for assisting me and sorry for being a pest to you.

06-08-2007, 08:33 PM
heck, your no pest.in fact now i rmeber where i saw that error.....and indeed your correct..but it aint specific for ctfb ..at least i thought.....ill check this asap

edit....this occurs in all gametypes setting 0 and 1 seems to work just ok 2 and 3....crash

humor me and try this: in ranksystem.cfg

set ex_rankhud "0" so disable it

then set the bleedmsg to 2 or 3 .

you will see that it works now.


yes people....yet another limit...altho i only read about it once...on the iwn forums....there is a limit to precached localized strings on hudelements....and now also thats a limit we reached.

whats next...this game is truly badly coded out of the box