View Full Version : Allied Username With Ranks

06-06-2007, 08:49 PM
I really love the head RANK icons, as that was great idea,
however, typically, the head RANK icons can get in the way a bit,
all thought, it wouldn't be hard to make your own head RANK icons
or to make their a slight transparent.

However, I was thinking, is it possible to instead of having the bulky
head rank icons, to have the rank show up under the players name?

See, currently if we shut off the head rank icons, then you won't be able
to see what rank the player was in game.

Right now as an allied player hovers his pointer over another allied player, it temporally shows the other players username in game, as it should, until you move the pointer away from the allied player.

But, I was wondering, if maybe it could show the username of the player, and then under the username that appears, while the pointer is on that allied player, it shows the rank of the player.



Instead of having these bulky head rank icons.

This will help clans that don't want to have the head rank icons, but they still want to see ranks.

Maybe there's another way or a current existing way that I am just missing?

But, if that was implemented, it would make more sense for gameplay.

Although, you would still have to find a way for the rank icons to still show in the final team board that shows players scores at the end of the game or even during it, as you press TAB key to see the score list???

Hope that made sense.