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06-01-2007, 11:55 AM
Ok, this feature request, will most likely be the oddest request that you may ever read... but.. it is possible. Most of the codes that can make flyable planes work in the ww2x mod, already exist. Some of the code just needs to be edited to work in the fashion to make planes flyable by player.

The idea is complicated and would mean lots of scripting. However,
most of the scripting already exist.

Most of the UN Vehicle Mod is done by models attaching or detaching themselves from the player. This is an actual code that is used, to make that function work.

However, a more primitive way to make these planes flyable by player could actually already exist in ww2x because of the ww2x scripts:

- Parachuting Script (Spawning in way above the spawn point)
- Altitude Parachuting Limiter Script (Tells how far up to spawn the player)
- Plane Altitude Limiter Script (Would have to re-edit to make the flyable plane only able to go to a certain height on the map, before it kills the player.)
- Moving the parachute during landing (Not implemented in ww2x, but code exists in other mods)
- Weapon Drop Script (When hit or shot at, you drop your weapon. = dropweapon)
- Weapon can be turned off or on by setting.

That would be the basics, however, more new or old scripts would need to be redesigned or used to possibly make planes flyable by player.

Here's my 2 cents, please take this with a grain of salt, as I have no idea what I'm doing, LOL.

- The Plane would actually be a large weapon. It would be a model of a weapon that surrounds the entire player. Obviously, there are other weapons that exist outside the player, such as the panzerschreck. Which extends the player. The weapon model of a plane could actually work as it would engulf the entire player. The player would see through a window in the plane model. When the player would shoot, it would shoot from the plane model, because the plane model is the weapon.

- The plane model would be chosen from the weapons menu, because it is a weapon. However, it can only be chosen from a primary weapon, and no other secondary weapons can be chosen, without obviously the plane model disappearing in game, while you changed to your secondary weapon, although that could be stopped from a script that would say, once you chose the plane as your primary weapon, that it will not disappear even with a secondary weapon - say panzerschreck, until you forcefully ejected or dropweapon of the primary plane model weapon.

(Not sure if there is a limit to size of a weapon, or if there are limits, but there are existing models in the game of planes, that might work, however, it may be better to just create a plane model.)

- In spawn in, if the player chose the plane weapon, then the player would spawn in way above the spawn point, similar to the way that the parachuting and altitude parachuting limiter script works. However, some code edits would have to be done, to make the parachuting script not fall, but it would be coded to the actual players movements. Adding the movement controls for the parachuting script design, could actually help, since then the plane model would then be able to move around in any direction. Obviously, would need to add the ability for when they look around with the plane model weapon, it moves the model with them in that direction that they are looking. Keep in mind that the player is actually inside the plane weapon model.

(Let's also keep in mind, that a script would need to be added, to keep the plane moving in a forward motion, regardless of which direction that they are facing, the model weapon is always moving the player. That might be difficult, although, parachuting script may be edited to work in that same principle... Instead of falling down at a rate of speed, it can be changed to move forward at a rate of speed, depending on players visual direction. That may include having to edit the parachuting script to be able to have reverse upward and include the downward motion... although other scripting outside the parachuting script might be available for plane movement.)

- Plane model weapon would be limited by altitude limiter, to where it can't reach outside a skybox or if it gets near a set limit, such as ground or sky, you could just destroy the plane model weapon or eject the player by dropweapon script. Although, I've never seen anyone be able to script in a destroyable weapon... because obviously, the trip mines would be able to be destroyed by a bullet. But their not...

Although this may sound a poor way of scripting in planes, it might work, depends on what the mod authors can pull out of their hat, or depends on whether a project like this would actually work or if the mod authors are interested in such a project. Most of this might just be gibberish.

The major problems would be, how to kill the player in such a model, how to script in a nose dive, to when the model would be detached from the player, that would force the model to be destroyed and would make the model disappear after destruction.

Secondly, it may not be possible to use such a model as weapon, due to cod2 limitations and many parts of this idea may be useless as parts of the script may not work as intended.

Such as, when a player ejects from the plane weapon model, then would you instantly activate the parachuting script, for the player to parachute down, or would you just make the player fall, as having two of the same scripts running might cause conflicts.

Like I said, I'm just throwing out crappy ideas, maybe one day we might see moving vehicles in the the ww2x mod, maybe it's best that we don't see movable vehicles in the ww2x, as the ww2x mod stands nicely as it is.