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06-01-2007, 12:54 AM
Not sure if this feature exists in an rcon program,

It would be nice to have an automatic timer that can be set by
the RCON Admininstrator, that programs the automatic timer to
tell the server when to automatically lock the server with g_password
and then the automatic timer is set to when it will unlock the server
with the g_password "" command.

This can help greatly, as say if your RCON administrator wasn't going to be around during say an important meet, then the rcon administrator can set the automatic timer the night before and then the automatic g_password timer will just auto set itself before the match and the server will be locked with a password. The RCON Administrator would have also inputted how long that the server would be password protected. The lock would just go off after the set timer is done, and then normal public will be able to proceed into the unlocked server.

Is there already an rcon program that can do this?
If not, is there a command or script that might make this function work?

Integrating such as feature might be helpful.

06-01-2007, 01:02 AM
The issue would be that the server needs to be restarted for the password to take effect. I'd think that it'd take a 3rd. party program to do that and not something in game as part of this mod.

I've seen the feature that you're talking about before in a readme for a firedameon/rcon sort of program but I can't remember what it was.