View Full Version : Flame Thrower

05-01-2007, 02:44 AM
Not sure if this has been discussed yet,
as everyone knows the CODUO had the flame thrower,
which was probably the most used weapon in the CODUO Gun.

(I say that because, thats all I ever saw)

I've tested the idea with the shotgun, had some interesting
concepts. Except for the glowing fireballs that came out of it,
but I've been successful at it causing damage around me and
for it enflame a surrounding area.

Although, quite primitive, is there a way to get it to shoot out
at bursts and to shoot straight? As I can only get a ball of fire
to burst around me... although I'm sure if I work at it,
I can figure it out, but that might take weeks of crappy testing.

Does anyone else have any ideas or thoughts or models that
can be used for FlameThrowers?