View Full Version : Ghost Score Bug (It is Back!)

05-01-2007, 02:09 AM
ver 1.6.3
single iwd

A while back I had posted about this bug on the eXtreme+ website,
and although a quick fix was found, the bug apparently has made it's way back to the mod.

Everytime you switch a player in CTF from Axis to Allies or Vice Versa, it causes that team to get a point. Usually, when the player that was switched sides forcefully by an RCON ADMIN and most of the time, the player had the flag.

set switchplayerallies
set switchplayeraxis

Now I had found the code a while back that was in the Switchplayer area, geez can't remember which file that was, but somewhere in that code had a greater than sign then the number 1, and the code talked about giving a point to a player, when the player was moved, if they had the flag.

Not really sure why that code was there in the first place, but once it was slashed out, the bug was gone forever.

Can't seem to remember where in gods name, that was in the files...
I will have to go rumage through it again and fix it again, but I was wondering, before I spend two hours doing that, do you know off hand where it is in the file that is causing the ghost score bug while player team switching?

Just wondering. I'll let you know if I can find it again. Although, last time, I swear I look a few months ago, and it was fixed... Not really sure, how the line could have been altered since then...

05-01-2007, 10:01 AM
no idea either...as it presumely is in the ctf.gsc....and thats as old as .......first version of extreme+

05-03-2007, 03:58 PM
Ok I think I found it again,
I'm just now posting to remind myself what
caused the issue.

So, just in case future updates of the mod,
I can just come back and copy the info to fix it.

L 442.449
X outThanks for the help! Bout time I figured this dang bug out,
I am monitoring to make sure the bug is gone again and
that no other problems occur with the possible fix.

God, I hate when players say your cheating with all those friggen ghost

Hope this works again.

07-19-2007, 08:36 PM
Advanced Setup
Windows Server

almost forgot to update my cmdmonitor.gsc,
file with my ghost score bug fix...

Everytime that we switch players from one side to the other
with the rcon switchplayer command, it automatically gives
a full score point to that team, of the player we switched sides

So, by slashing out the following lines below, it seems to cure that
problem, as now we can freely switchplayers, without incurring
the ghost score bug...

Not really sure what this code was for below, but if your not experiencing
this bug, then don't slash out the next following lines, but if your like me,
it it happens to you alot, then this will hopefully fix it, I've been using
this bug fix through every version, although I don't know if marc has already noticed this issue and I don't know if marc has already corrected it...

//give player point back if keep score set
//if(isDefined(keepscore) && keepscore)
// player.score++;
// teamscore = getTeamScore(player.pers["team"]);
// teamscore++;
// setTeamScore(player.pers["team"], teamscore);

The only way to know if you have this bug, is when the player is holding the flag in CTF, to move the player to the other team side, and then you will notice that the score points will start racking up... Like I said, I have no idea why this code is there for CTF, and I'm not sure if marc already took care of this bug in v1.8.0, but I'm x-ing it out just in case...

07-20-2007, 07:27 AM
i think the logic on this is that when a player scores a point for the team....and you switch him to an other team...the old team gets the point...after all he earned that point for that old team and not for the new one.

if this is the case then ofcourse players who havent scored a point for team A and get swapped to team B ..should not give a point to their old team when swapped.

if it does....then the code is flawed.....and ofcourse if you dont want it to happen at all you can comment out the entire code as well.