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04-28-2007, 11:50 AM
I installed this and have a few comments and I don't mean to be too critical and unappreciative, just my opinions.

far too accurate. If you use the sites and once you start a constant fire, this gun is extremely accurate. I mean I have never actually fired a weapon like this but wow... If firing the weapon was restricted to the prone position then it would be better. But these allow you to RAMBO you way through the map.

If left to shoot while standing/walking then could sprint be disabled? (Probably not based on your previous conversations involving the complexity of the sprint mod)

I can't seem to limit ammo. The guns come in with 100 loaded with 999 in reserve.

The reload time seems a bit too quick.

Modeling still needs a bit of work. mg42 when not firing the hand has the gun going through it. When not firing the mg42 and when hip firing there are two models that toggle where as with the 30cal it doesn't. Muzzle flash, when hip shooting, appears to be out away from muzzle, like site shooting.

All in all, Marc, I think you have great start with this.

Many thanks for you efforts.

04-28-2007, 02:51 PM
far to accurate..hmz...tend to agree..i speeded up the firing rate...when it was slower the recoil was way way heavyer..perhaps i should bring the fire rate down again

sprinting disabled while carying the mg's ,...you cant fire while sprinting can you?...........altho i dont think you mean this....lol....ill look into it
edit on this: can easely do....even controllable by dvar

ammo limit....hmz...using ranksettings?
if i dont use ranksettings i can change those as it should
...anywho...ill look into that too....

reload time to fast...lol....another thing i speeded up..as it seemed to slow for me

modeling..well.....i cant change that...im a wreck at modeling...and i have tried out several handmodel animations as i too didnt really liked the hand comming through the barrel view ...perhaps further trials for those eventually gimme a better outcome

all in all.....i just played around with animations and weapon settings for the mg30cal and mg42 .....there arent really any standards for these in cod2
specially because of the fact they are not suposed to be carried around ...but turrets..

so please keep those comments and opinions comming, a lot can and does need to be changed.....its all user preferences again...but this way i perhaps can make "good enough" default settings for those weapons.

i wont attack anyone who changes the settings in the weapon files...please do....and give me your findings if you have some...like i said ..i just played around with them as there arent any default settings for hand carried turrets in cod2

04-28-2007, 10:06 PM
all good Marc.

yes I'm using rank system and ammo limit doesn't seem to work for these guns.