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04-23-2007, 10:54 PM
50 Map Vote Bug
Windows Server
CTF and CTFb

The 50 Map Voting is awful,
I am getting hundreds, if not thousands of errors and it is crashing out the servers.

Everything is configured properly in the mapcontrol.cfg files,
but the _ex_mapvote.gsc is just horrid.

The errors are so bad that the servers are hanging while players connect. Especially if you have the option for the 50 Map Vote to show up in the game.

All the errors are successfully logging in the logs.

I could never get the 50 map voting to work though. I've been using mods for years, and still the 50 map vote script was so garbled that it was conflicting with 5 other scripts in the mod.

I prefer not to shut off the feature only to allow players to vote for their next map, but it doesn't work.

I would have liked if their was an option to use either the 50 map Voting system or the 5 map voting system, such as an extra option, rather than an integration.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to get the 5 map voting system back for end rounds, only because the 50 map voting is just... awful.

Thanks for any input.

04-23-2007, 11:47 PM
Ok, since the 50 map voting system was really buggy on my server,
I decided to revert it back to the 5 map voting system at end rounds.

The 50 map voting system really is a piece of... work.

Needs a few more code edits.

Right now my server is running v1.6.3 with the old 5 system,
still more tests need to be done to make sure no more errors pop up.

I have to wonder if their is a limit to increasing the 5 map vote system to like a 10 map vote system with its current code. Nobody has ever said they did it, so I will look into that for my server. Although, no biggie. I will gladly wait for the 50 map voting system to get all it's bugs worked out.

For now, I had to make sure that certain files were edited that contains
remnants of the actual 50 map voting code. Please let me know if I got it wrong, as I can easily re-update these files back to normal.

- _drm.gsc
- _ex_maprotation.gsc
- _ex_mapvote.gsc
- _ex_ranksystem.gsc
- _ex_utils.gsc
- _ex_varcache.gsc

Still running tests, to make sure I didn't screw something else up, but
with those update a pieces of the 50 map vote system slashed out,
I was able to re-implement to 5 map vote system.

I do recommend that the 50 map vote system be considered as a secondary extra and placed into the : extra optional mods.zip

Let me know if anyone else has any ideas about this bug, here is some of the bug errors:

******* script runtime error *******
pair 'undefined' and '10' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'int': (file 'extreme/_ex_mapvote.gsc', line 725)
if(maps >= 10)
called from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_mapvote.gsc', line 550)
minMapLinesOnPage = maxMapsOnPage(1);
called from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_mapvote.gsc', line 127)
called from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_mapvote.gsc', line 9)
} RunMapVote();
called from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_main.gsc', line 1036)
if(level.ex_mapvote && !level.ex_pbrotate) extreme\_ex_mapvote::main();
called from:
(file 'maps/mp/gametypes/ctf.gsc', line 806)
started from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_main.gsc', line 1000)
wait 0.05;

That goes on for about 100 pages or so and it does finally crash it out. Even when this error, more keeps coming up , with this is not a localized file, etc.

So, for now, until a remedy is found, I will gladly stick with the 5 map voting system.

Thanks for anyones input.
Let me know if I screwed up please.


04-24-2007, 11:21 AM
works fine on my servers....without any error

but nevertheless i tested it again with 10 stock maps and 10 custom maps on ctf and ctfb.......again no errors....and thats on a linux box.

did you enter your maps in the _ex_maps.gsc, _ex_varcache.gsc and maps.str as required?

also dont set your cfg file to more maps then you really have put in the 3 files above

04-24-2007, 02:40 PM

Not to hijiack this thread, but I have some questions regarding this 50 map vote thing.

Am I limited to 50 maps in the 3 files above? . . . I have 12 mappacks (Approx 120 maps). Although I only can have 6 mappacks in my main folder at once due to the dreaded string error, I regularily rotate them to keep things fresh.

Can I add all 120 maps to those 3 files? Will it only show 50 maps in the vote list? The file called mapvote.ini - is this auto-generated from those 3 files or do I need to add my maps to this file as well?


04-24-2007, 03:38 PM
yes 50 is the limit.....but the mapvote.ini has nothing to do with this system

the mapvote.ini holds a maximum of 120 maps thats used for the ingame call vote menu.

also....that 50 limit...thats a maprotation limit...meaning...the mapvote system reads the maprotation....so 50 maps can be in that rotation....who has 50 maps in its rotation?....im betting not many

so write your mapnames and strings in those files..all of them.....50 is only the limit it can show maps.....again....who has 50 maps in rotation

if you change mappacks...the votesystem wil pick the according precached string wih it when u vote...wether its line 1 or line 65786

only issue is when u add new maps....then you need to update the files......add the new map(s) to it..

04-24-2007, 04:52 PM
Thanks for clearing that up. Getting the custom maps to show up in the ingame voting menu is what I was interested in, but I was confused . . . I'll update my mapvote.ini . . . I suppose that mapvote.ini must only list the maps that are within the paks in main at the time? BTW I often have around 50 maps (can't have many more than that before you exceed 1024k) and the rotation set to random.

04-24-2007, 05:14 PM
call vote = mapvote.ini....sure you can add all your maps there....but if a map is choosen that is not on your server...eg in your main directory.....then it will show map not found on the server.....so yes only those that are active running on the server is best...to avoid frustration from players to finally find a map thats active on the server..lol

50 mapvote system...formerly 5 map voting is the _ex_varcache.gsc, _ex_maps.gsc en maps.str files

yeah i know ...i have about 45 maps in my rotation as well.....but not many servers have that im thinking....think 50 is about the 1024k limit....but ofcourse thats mapname dependant.

to get back on track

also tested ctf and ctfb on a real players filled server for a while (short rounds) to see if it made any difference with the 50 maps mapvoting between bots and me and real players.
Conclusion....no errors whatsoever...mapvote worked like a charm

04-24-2007, 05:31 PM
wow. I am baffled.

Ok I will re-look over the files that you stated must have the maps in them,
ex_maps.gsc, _ex_varcache.gsc and maps.str
and check to see if I got everything inputted correctly.

I'll let you know,
as for my second question, is it possible to increase the original 5 map voting method to 10 map voting, I realize about all the localized string log errors and such,
but I tried looking that over, and it looks like its a monster to try and code 5 extra maps into the 5 map voting system.

I can understand the concept to the 50 map voting system, But I think that will just confuse some players as they all can't seem to agree on just a few things anyways. 20 players would probably each choose 1 map... believe me when I say that most of my players, would have a hard time choosing.

It's liking walking into a bar and the bar has every drink in the world,
and all the drinks are the same price, but you can only choose 1 per serving.

Believe me when I say it will take longer than 60 seconds to choose a drink.

Just a thought.

04-25-2007, 11:21 AM
yah but you dont HAVE to vote for 50 maps..you can set it at 5, 10, 12, 15....50
then it will pick randomly x set maps between the maps in your rotation.....or if you prefer a non random voting you can vote for x maps that always stay the same

i have about 45 maps in my rotation as well....but i only let players vote on 10 maps..like you said....if there were 50 to vote on....every map would get 1 vote....rendering it useless

to make a perm 10 mapvote you would need to loose some shaders that are pre-written in the script of the old system.

like the how to vote, text and such..as those take away the space that the other 5 would need

05-01-2007, 02:18 AM
Do you know where to find the code, to move the 5 map voting or 50 map voting window on screen to a different area on the screen.

As I would like to move it in the middle of the screen, instead of the top.

Since, many players want to chat and say "GG" and all the other stuff they want to say, Like "LATER" "CYA" etc.

This will usually display at the top...

Where can I find the code to move down the voting boards???


05-01-2007, 10:09 AM

a heap of newClientHudElem and newHudElem codebits with x and y coordinates

05-03-2007, 03:29 PM
ok, the 5 map vote script isnt that bad to alter for x and y coordinates, infact its rather easy, once you determine to only alter the y coordinates.

However, I was never able to accomplish getting the actual MAP NAME moved down into the box, infact, I changed almost everything on that document to force the map names to move down with the y coordinate boxes/shaders.

Never worked... Even tried altering the middle to centers and that didnt change anything, the actual map names remained at the top middle.

Although I never figured it out, I was able to get rid of the shaders, which I felt hindered the game a bit, I like the transparency effects, especially since the text/numbers already have a black outline behind them anyways. Works great.

So, I moved onto 50 map voting, now that could take days to figure out,
and at the same time I was messing with the statsboard, and it too might take days to rework to get all of these into the middle.

Although, I would recommend no shaders. As the transulanct effects seems to be better for chatters in top corner and you still can see the beauty of the map from the global intermissions.

Just a thought, but yes, I am able to move the boxes to the middle of the screen. However, the actual map name texts will not move at all, and I am trying to figure out why.

It would be helpful if someone would PLEASE upload an x-y grid chart that shows the proper coordinates, as it would make it easier to map out.

Unless their is an easier way, it takes trial and error at this point.

05-03-2007, 11:51 PM
Ok, could you please tell me what the following code is referring to,
and what it is for?

******* script runtime error *******
pair 'undefined' and 'spectator' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'string': (file 'extreme/_ex_ranksystem.gsc', line 634)
if( self.pers["team"] == "spectator" )
called from:
(file 'maps/mp/gametypes/ctf.gsc', line 760)
statusicon = player thread extreme\_ex_ranksystem::get_Current_Rank();
started from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_mapvote.gsc', line 21)
level waittill("VotingComplete");


******* script runtime error *******
cannot cast undefined to string: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/ctf.gsc', line 762)
player.statusicon = statusicon;
started from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_mapvote.gsc', line 21)
level waittill("VotingComplete");

05-04-2007, 11:53 AM
should only apear a couple of times orso...at least i only have it 4 times in a weekly log (and yes server is 24/7 occupied)

happens when a player just joins or leaves the server or goes spectate just while voting starts..at least thats what i could find in my logs about it

05-10-2007, 12:50 PM
Marc with the 5 map voting or 50 map voting,
there are a few players on my server that feel that the same map is being overly selected and that many other maps in our rotation is not getting the same fair advantage of being selected.

Mostly because of the visual numbers of how many players chose which map during an actual map vote.

So, many times players will go straight to the map that has the most players selected on it. Which, yes is what we might want for popularity purposes, however, there might be players that intentionally will force their opinions and they will try and hassle other players to select certain maps, which causes an unfair advantage to other quality maps.

This is a huge dilema, as I have figured out how to disable the numbers from being seen next to the actual map selections, I really wanted to find a way to combine all the numbers of each map selection into one number at the bottom of the map voting screen that would say "TOTAL VOTES".

Nobody would know which map had the most votes, making it more fair for players to choose the map that they really wanted to choose without being hassled.

I am looking for a way for it to display TOTAL VOTES, from combined vmap1-5, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure that out yet.

Do you have suggestions. I'm trying to make this more fair for all the players that are map voting, as I don't think that the map voting is allowing players to make up their own minds, instead most players are just jumping on a band wagon.


BTW, if that idea doesn't pan out, I am looking for a way where at the end of the game, players can just vote for two

Play Next Map in Rotation
Replay this Map

God, that would be the way to do it.

Any Ideas?