View Full Version : WW2X v1.6.3 RELEASED

04-07-2007, 07:07 PM
Added mobile mg30cal and mg42
Re-aranged landmine warning messages
Fixed some minor little thingies

Added a Rangefinder
Updated/moddified/improved? Landmines

Added landmines (not quite finished yet....but nevertheless they work)

Updated HTF to HTF 1.1
Server redirecting
Fixed knife (hidden)smoke effect
Knife added in statsboard
Fixed some obit messages for knife
Changed throwing animation of knife
All maps and gametypes showing in callvote(AWE)
Fixed maprotation/gametype/next map hudmessages
Fixed teambalance issue
Fixed map based score settings for gametypes
Swapped 5 map voting system for extreme+'s (up to) 50 maps voting system...was simply to good to not to use it
Some minor code cleanups and bugfixes

04-07-2007, 11:40 PM
"Updated HTF to HTF 1.1"

You are clearly the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bravo:

Dak Knight
04-08-2007, 05:47 AM
Winxp Pro
client server

Excellent work Marc:d

Knife animation i really like.:wink1: Lol Hate Being First blood lol
Call ins For Wmd Excellent, Them suckers never missed a beat lol.
Too Bad map ceilings have limits otherwise top notch.

Runs Very Smooth on Test Server now loading on main.

Thank You:bravo:

04-08-2007, 06:58 AM
"Updated HTF to HTF 1.1"

You are clearly the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bravo:

I just added it in guys, Nedgerblansky is the man...he made it :bravo:

a detail tho..had to disable gtsdelalay for the new HTF to make it work (no you guys dont have to do anything special).
Not a big deal anyways as no flag is spawn unless there are more than 1 player on the server when the match starts.
Will ofcourse investigate this further soon...but didnt want to hold of 1.1 for this release.

for the windows users: might wanna replace your _killtriggers.gsc with a fresh one ..i forgot a closing ) at line 53
or simply add that ) yourself lol

04-09-2007, 12:45 PM
Hey Marc, were there any changes to any cfg's?


04-09-2007, 02:53 PM
moved set scr_teambalance back to the server.cfg from playercontrol.cfg
added dvars for server redirecting to server.cfg
added dvar to the ambientfx.cfg airplane section
changed/added dvars in gametypes.cfg for HTF 1.1
new .ini file in the scriptdata folder (mapvote.ini) inthere you have to write your own custom maps.
added wmd control dvar in wmdcontrol.cfg

added readme in docs on how to add your own custom maps in the new 50 mapvoting system.

04-10-2007, 03:15 PM
updated to 1.6.2a

added landmines, not quite finished....nevertheless they work just fine

04-17-2007, 02:00 PM

# Added a range finder, binoculars and snipers only (monitoring.cfg).
- can set the range in metres or yards

# Updated landmines (weaponcontrol.cfg)
- did not kill players from same team in non team based gametypes...fixed (only the one who set the mine(s) cant be killed by his own mine(s)).
- now listens to friendly fire on or off.(only the one who set the mine(s) cant be killed by his own mine(s)).
- added dvars for trip distance, warning distance and defuse distance...so you can control that a bit.
- added custom gametypes to the to close to flag or to close to spawnpoints messages.
- rearranged warning and defuse messages.
- can not selfheal when PLANTING a mine....a message will apear when you can set a mine (below tripwire messgage)...this means that your viewingrange to the ground is less then 1 yard...a well just try it out.

# Added bloodpools and splatter effect files in an iwd in the optional mods zip
some of you might know these from extreme+, if you want to use them simply place the iwd in your fs_game folder......or better yet (info string issue) add the content of the iwd to your clientside of the ww2x mod....these bloodpool/splatter effects are clientside files only...no scripts no dvars....

Dak Knight
04-17-2007, 02:16 PM
Marc You Are Da Man

I want to thank you For your hard work at pleasing We The users

Of The ww2x mod and their Clients.:bravo:

Now my guys will Get off my back About Range finder and i can thank you for that


Dak Knight
04-17-2007, 04:43 PM
xp pro
server +client

Sweet with the extra goodies runs like a charm

On Main Server Now.:bravo:

04-17-2007, 04:52 PM
forgot to mention...ofcourse playing around as to where the range message appears or its size is granted :)....its located at the end of the _ex_utils.gsc:

self.ex_rangehud.x = 320;
self.ex_rangehud.y = 245;
self.ex_rangehud.fontScale = 1;

but do note that it then effects the binoculars as well...(for example if you want it to show somewhere in a corner of your screen..or wherever you like it to be)

Dak Knight
04-25-2007, 01:33 AM
Winxp Pro
client server

Very Nice Marc ,artillery effect awesome loll even the puffs of smoke rising after

Altitude settings work very well now .thank you

running very smooth, after testing loading on main server

05-30-2007, 02:15 PM
# Added bloodpools and splatter effect files in an iwd in the optional mods zip
some of you might know these from extreme+, if you want to use them simply place the iwd in your fs_game folder......or better yet (info string issue) add the content of the iwd to your clientside of the ww2x mod....these bloodpool/splatter effects are clientside files only...no scripts no dvars....

would have been nice to be asked.. especialy as it was me that added them to eXtreme+

Lets keep this polite after all ?

05-30-2007, 02:20 PM
would have been nice to be asked.. especialy as it was me that added them to eXtreme+

Lets keep this polite after all ?

Like you "guys" took what Marc did for over a year in supporting the mod. So lets be honest with each other, if it wasnt for Marc extreme mod would be history.

Also look at my sig, remember who the creator is and who did infact HELP Astoroth with the mod when CoD2 hit the streets.

05-30-2007, 04:50 PM
I dont want to get into a slaggin' match as thats not my thing. There is enough of that going on already !

All I wanted to point out is that I have known Marc for some time and even consider him a friend. (Although I havent seen him around lately :confused:). I just thought it would have been polite to ask.

I know he has been banned from posting in the extreme forum, and that would make it difficult for him to make contact with us. But there are ways and means...

He knows I would have said YES anyway as I have done so many times before, like I did with the knife mod.

If you would prefer the cloak and dagger approach where by we just simply rip the shit out of each others mod then I can just as easily do that, I just prefer things to more "freindly".

05-30-2007, 05:19 PM
I just prefer things to more "freindly".

I wanted that too Paulo, damn did I want that. Hell I as well as Mike PUBLICLY posted said same 3 times in open public forum ( IWN ) that we wanted to work with the other side.

You wanna guess who slammed it to our faces, Tally thats who. he is the **** stick that stabbed all in the back, lied and then threw it to our faces.

You want to know who is at fault for this whole big arse mess, Tally again.

He is a pathological lier period. He has only one ambiation that is to himself. If it would mean screwing you over just to get to that next higher rung with IW then so be it, he will **** you, stab you then leave you.

That is how Tally works plan and simple. All the crap he is doing is for one thing, again himself. He dosenst give a rats ass about anyone but himself. He is in it for himself and screw you, me or anyone else that gets in his way period.

05-30-2007, 07:09 PM
actually i didnt feel obliged to ask paulo coz those bloodfiles were not created by paulo but only inserted in extreme....the files come from the masacre mod or merciless..... (exact same files masacre/merciless/extreme/ww2x...and perhaps more...exact same names etc)

i dunno who orriginally created those effects...but masacre and merciless had them before extreme did....i nearly mentioned the fact that they were in extreme also as people know the extreme mod and might know the effects from there.

what IS true tho...paulo made it work with extreme due to a callout to the files in an fx file already existing in extreme....so that credit goes to him

as for the knife mod...well i did ask paulo to use it (when it was a standalone non throwable mod made by sevensniff (replace pistols and bash only))..because hes in the same group as sevensniff (rnr) and could ask him easyer.
Asked sevensniff myself again after paulo gave me sevensniffs msn addy.
i made it work with extreme tho....and since then mucho upgraded to made it throwable with animations etc......the only thing thats orriginal from sevensniffs version is the model....which i btw still give him credit for

so i took nothing...knife mod is all mine except the model, blood effects i dunno who orriginlly created them but if i find out the creator will get his/her credit ofcourse....and i didnt intergrated it in the mod..its a standalone additional mod that can be used......just because paulo did made the callout.

true there are features that are from extreme after i left...50 mapvoting system, and wmd behaviour..that is well known and mentioned in the according threads and in the credits.
did i ask permission to use those?.....i would if i could...but i am banned overthere...still the creator is credited.

let me ask you (everyone in general) tho...im accused of stealing extreme stuff by tally....other then the above where is the :
1: drm method in extreme?
2: landmines in extreme?
3: mobile and in upcomming release (this weekend) deployable mg's? (FEATURE IS DONE)
4: rangefinder in extreme?
5: gas/fire/stickybomb (in upcomming release (this weekend))in extreme? (FEATURES ARE DONE)
6: throwable knives in extreme? (no not the one thats in extreme now...that just mimics a pistol....and btw mine was released way before even that one)
7: ESD gametype (in upcomming release (this weekend))in extreme? (FEATURE IS DONE)
8: healthbar working with healthregen in extreme?
9: 180 maps and all gametypes shown and selectable in CALLVOTE menu in extrem?
10: callvote limiter/delay in extreme?

prolly a few that i forgot

all those features and extensions on them are NOT in extreme .....heck how can i steal things that i have in ww2x when i up to know release my versions way before theirs? (doing this on purpose just to prevent being accused from stealing...if a same feature should apear in extreme) and again are not in theirs when they do release it?
AND they move or keep code and ideas to moderators only sections on their forums..so not even regular users can see it...let alone a banned one? (yes tally i still have some friends overthere that tell me such things)

Hell, when they banned me and tally went nuts about "no permission to use ANY of my code in wizzards mod" i retalliated with messaging cyruz and told him that they didnt have permission to use ANY of my code in extreme.

did they do that?...no they still used it.....if they didnt they would fall back to april 2006 the quick fix version for extreme that is compatable with the 1.2 patch (without lts and htf)...in other words..half a mod.....FACT is i alone did all the work on extreme till version 1.49d .....then tally became active and implemented the rank icon system and dom1 and cnq and fixed SD.

am i filing a lawsuit because they still use my work?...no
so people ....if you wanna accuse me...then get yer facts straight first.

ALL credits are given to those who earn them...they are all in the readme file....those who i dont know at present time will be added if i ever find out.....

enough of this bullshit drama...the facts speak for them selves.....i did not start it...and how easely people forget the ones who carried the extreme mod for almost a year on his own (scriptwise)...if i didnt have done that extreme would have been dead a year ago......what do i get in return...a ban.

get real people......enough drama and move on.

05-30-2007, 09:21 PM
I don't usually post in threads like this because typically it is non of my business and I'm not one of the parties involved.

But I will say this... I fully stand by Marc and his statements and he always will get 100% of my support where ever I can give it. Hense why I followed him and the new WW2X kick arse mod.

He has been one of the most open mined persons I've met in this community. Always there to help, receive constructive criticisms and work with anybody for the common good of a task or project.

Enough said.... time to update my WW2X mod because some of these features, mentioned above, will for sure take us over the top....WWOOOOOT.:bravo:

oops spoke too soon... damn have to wait for this weekend.

Dak Knight
05-31-2007, 03:22 AM
Richman..Thank You You took the words outa my mouth.
I too followed marc here for the same reasons as you stated and am not sorry.

To Date this version is so very stable for me.:bravo:

Thank YOU Marc.

05-31-2007, 12:27 PM
I third that Rich - you the man marc and have my support also! Despite all of the problems COD2 has thrown our way, WW2X has made it worth sticking it out, and now I am having more fun playing than ever.


05-31-2007, 11:28 PM
WW2X Airborne anyone???

Paulo88..keep in mind the man you know Marc to be. Decide for yourself based on what you know about him and this situation and I believe you'll see it for what it is.