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12-01-2009, 09:55 AM
Ok, here we are at the tail end of the year 2009.

Christmas is coming up fast followed by the inevitable beginnings of a brand new year. It is time for all of us to now take a look back at the previous year and share with one another our thoughts and takes on this past year. It is also a good time to look ahead to what is not only in store for us but what we hope to see in 2010.

This can be about the games we play now, in the past and even in the future. This can be about life plans, what you achieved on a personal level and what your dreams are for the future.

All that we ask is that we keep this topic on an even keel. No flaming, no attacks, just an honest sharing of your recollections and so on. Enough has been said in deep detail about MW2 so lets steer clear of all the problems with this game and what changes it has brought to the PC community. Instead, if you want to make something of MW2 then keep it in the general style of comment.

This is about you, it is not only about a game. With the holiday season starting off lets get to know one another with this thread. Christmas is all about sharing so lets launch this boat and see where the currents lead us. :wink1:

12-01-2009, 10:12 AM
2009 - :eek:

Its been a wild, roller coaster year. However, it had great underpinnings. CoD4 was going strong and appeared it would hammer CoD5 but as fate would have it; CoD5 World at War has trumped CoD4 in many, many ways.

Sure, its release was a rocky road but here we are, at apex of its success, wishing more successes through the new year. To JD2020 I say; "congratulations for sticking it out through thick and thin". You've proven your mettle and learned a great deal just like the rest of us. The game has gone from the proverbial "Ugly Duckling" to the "Beautifully Graceful Swan".

We have fantastic custom maps by some of the greatest mappers on the planet. Then comes the great AWE5 Mod and a fabulous Vietnam FULL MOD from Zeroy and the RGN Developer team! We are spoiled rotten! :)

We are on the high road and plan to go to greater heights enjoying the PC version of CoD:World at War along with the fabulous benefits provided by the highly supportive PC Online Community.


12-01-2009, 10:29 AM
For me 2009 began as a continuation of what the end of 2008 served up for me. My youngest son had just shipped out with the Canadian Forces to serve 7 months in Afghanistan. This was a very trying period for my wife and I. My wife had just lost her mother to a stroke in early November so with that and Adam being in the war it was very draining on us.

Call of Duty World at War released. At the time it appeared that Treyarch had dropped the ball. Many things were wrong with this game and information on support and the future of the game was sketchy at best. It looked like the game was headed for the shitter. The community came together in a way that I hadn't really seen before and I was personally astounded in how workarounds developed. Add to that it was amazing that Treyarch finally seemed to get their feet on the ground and actually took off at a run. The support became focused and the rest was history. We now have one of the best games going. A game with a plethora of new maps and mods constantly coming at us. This was a good example of the community and developer working together.

I really truly got involved with RGN as my friendship developed with Mike and all the members here. I became Staff and was truly proud to be part of something that is not only special in the community but I like to think this place is important within this community. We get people talking and thinking and working. I was working out of another site and left that for reasons that I wont get into but I do know that I feel that in some small way I am contributing more now, here, than I was elsewhere.

I made a map. Really wanted to make more but ended up with one. :d Along with and especially with Zeroy's help mp_corregidor came into being. I had a great time working this map and learned a lot in the process. I'm not a fast mapper as time really is dodgy for me. But I do have two more maps that I'm working away at.

End of April brought about the end of my sons rotation and he was homeward bound finally. Pressures eased. He lost friends but came home with many others. Not a day goes by that I don't think about what he and all the others from not only Canada but many other countries have done and continue to do for all of us.

A bright spot also occurred during this time. A trip to Florida with my wife. A very special evening took place during this time when I met up with Mike, his wife and a grandson for a very enjoyable dinner out. My thanks to them for a great time and the opportunity to met a very good friend.

August, my wife and I decided it was time to sell our house and build a new one about 25 miles from where we live right now. It is a bigger town with more to do and a great place to retire as we advance down this road of getting old. :p The house will be completed very soon and we will move in the week before Christmas.

I don't have much to say about MW2, didn't buy it, don't plan to so all I can say is that I'm very disappointed in the apparent direction that Activision and especially IW are taking.


No real thoughts yet. We will have work to do around the new house. I have some maps to finish. I'm looking forward to seeing Zeroy's Vietnam Mod develop. And, at some point I will start to listen to the hype that is surely going to herald in the arrival of the next Call of Duty that is supposed due from Treyarch.

I would like to take this time to extend my thanks, best wishes and thoughts to all my friends here at RGN. There has been many happenings here, ups and downs, those that have left, those that have arrived. We are not just a community here. I have come to realize that we are family. So to all my new family.....

Have a Very Merry Christmas and don't let fate decide your New Year, make it the way you want it!!!!!:bravo:

12-01-2009, 11:09 AM
OK well for me I'll talk mostly about CODWaW i suppose since this year i havent touched COD4 much if not nothing at all .... So yeah, CODWaW came out and i was thrilled since i had always loved the WW2 setting in COD games but only started modding/mapping with COD4.

I cant hide that at first, the modding and mapping was extremely difficult with many many problems. Luckily with the help of a lot of COD community members we were able to build a solid Wiki (rgnwiki.com, almost 1 million page views since October 2008!) and also work with treyarch (thanks ChrisP) to be able to force their hands and get patch after patch, everytime improving the modding/mapping on the game.

I am personnaly quite proud of what the RGN Dev team along with many other community members have achieved this year also when it comes to modding and mapping, we have seen great custom maps and of course great mods. Ill mention of course AWE5 which, even when it looked bleak, came out a great mod (i like to think so :p) and more recently we were able to release the Vietnam Mod, right in time to show IW the finger ( :fu: ) for their ultimate betrayal to the very community that made them what they are today ... anyway, enough on them!

The future? I see a lot of room for more modding, mapping on cod4/5 :wink1:

Lastly i would say thanks to all RGN staff and members for making this community what it is today, a great place to share ideas, have fun on the servers and generally have a good time (with the occasional asshats of course :p)

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010 :Outstanding!:

12-01-2009, 06:20 PM
Same as zelimper (except for the CoD4 / wife part :))

I don't enjoy games as much as I do anymore. CoD4 _was_ nice, nice competitive, had some good matches. CoD5 is still a nice game, I prefer bolt-action rifle now and then, or some of the great mods and maps.

Beside that, after installing Win7 here, I didn't install any big game for some weeks now...guess I leave it at that ^^, I quite like it this way.

My plans for 2010 is programming some small 2D games or applications. Working hard for more then a year into it now...should be able to make some stuff then next year.

Beside that, I'll also try and crack the different file formats of CoD together with a few here of the community. Should be good from multiple points of view (payback to IW, more open-(re)sourcing the game, new ports, ...).

Further...it will be a busy year next year...as next years should be! :)