View Full Version : Ejecting Parachutes

03-23-2007, 11:33 PM
I would like to see the ability of ejecting (Dropping) from parachutes.
Similar to the way the vehicle mod did it.

Where Server Admins can also choose which maps that they will allow the option to eject from(DROP) their parachutes.

The reason why this could be helpful is... as the player is coming down, they are restricted in place until the hit the ground. I could care less if we were to have moveable parachutes, as that will ruin gameplay. But, I think having the option to press "F" to eject (DROP) yourself from the parachute can help the gameplay in many ways:

Such as:

- The player is parachuting to the top of a roof, and instead of the player going through the roof, the player ejects (DROPs) to land on the roof, instead of falling through with a parachute. Gives the element of surprise.

- Player ejects (DROPs), although they know it will hurt, they can have a faster response time to stop other players that are running away with their flag.
(Setting it to where players can't shoot while parachuting and where they
are protected, really can be a bummer, because, they can't easily stop a player from escaping with their flag.)

Those are just two examples of how that can help. I am sure there are many more.