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03-23-2007, 01:44 PM
i need some help here....i think

i got the knives throwable....animations for it are working.....all is working ...EXCEPT

i can only make them do damage if i set the damage value in the weapons.gsc file to a certain value...sofar thats ok...however..if i do this...i get an explosion animation and sound everytime i hit someone...(like if you hit someone with a bazooka)..that sucks.

i already tried deleting or put "none" or even an other explosion effect etc in the weapons file...but still getting this xplosion

im using a grenade weapons file
with uo i know i could change this effect or delete it all together...but cod2....grrrrrr

i know it has something todo with the weapontype\grenade setting
anyone know hot to gewt rid of the explosion effect?...without big scripting?...i want to keep it as simple (read small) as possible

played with these to no avail: explosionRadius\10\explosionInnerDamage\2000\explo sionOuterDamage\2000\projectileSpeed\3500\projecti leSpeedUp\50\projectileModel\xmodel/weapon_knife\projExplosionType\none\projExplosionE ffect\\projExplosionSound\none\projectileTrail\non e\projectileTrailTime\1\projectileTrailRadius\32\p rojImpactExplode\0

im sure its something simple...im betting im thinking to complicated (as usual)

03-23-2007, 06:55 PM
hmmm is their an explosion script somewhere in the game packs. That might give off this sound. Because, obviously it looks as if it is defaulting to a sound file or sound script that is outside of the mod pack.

hmmm, I tried removing the projExplosionSound line entirely and that didnt do anything.

Btw, I noticed that some of your lines that you gave examples of, had space breaks in them, is that the way it is in your files, prob not, but
just curious.

03-23-2007, 07:08 PM
If your looking for it to not explode and to not give off a sound,
thats actually easier than I thought.

Problem is when you remove the feature for it to explode or to show the animation to explode it actually will vanish into thin air as it hits the ground.

I'll post what I came up with, although you probably already tried this...

You are looking for it to not show animation of explosion,
to not explode...

Ok the fix to do this is:
(I took from the example of a frag grenade weapon script)

- Not sure if you'll need a knife weapon script per team (American, German, etc)

You might need to get rid of the fusetime, although, that could be actually helping, but,
allowing: fuseTime\3.5\ to be active, could have the player hold the knife before throwing
and then they explode. Not sure, if by taking out the explosion effects and explosion sounds
if it will still cause players to explode if you have fusetime active in the weapon script. But,
the fusetime could actually be keeping the object from disappearing as quickly, if you zero
out the fusetime, the object could just vanish before shooting. Not sure... need to test that.

Alright set these:

projExplosionType\none\ (Change that from grenade)
projImpactExplode\0\Now remove the following:

projExplosionSound\none\As far as I can tell their useless for what you need with the knife mod script.

Although, I havent figured out how to do a special sound when players are hit
by the object? unless it defaults to a certain sound effect.

Not sure how all this is gonna look when it hits another player, does it still give off
the sound and explosion effect after hitting a player with these listed settings.

Hope it works.

03-23-2007, 07:48 PM
yeah , i did already tried those settings....however...i get no damage at all IF i set another setting in the wep file "damage" to 0

and the moment i set it to 1 or higher in which case it does enflict damage i get that anoying explosion fx again even with the settings you posted above

03-23-2007, 07:56 PM
I know this aint a fix, but have you tried having the knives throwable by melee damage?

Does it still cause the sound effects etc, if you set the knives to be throwable by melee damage?


Ok, I did those settings and threw the nade at a test bot, and of course it explode once it directly hit
the bot. That was funny. Okay... back to the drawing board. When you set a grenade damage to 1 or higher
it explodes... wonder if a smoke weapon script would ignite smoke if it hits a player... hmmm.


Ok, so I tried setting: weapontype from grenade to bullet.
Welp, it was worth a shot. LOL.
Crash the server with:
[frag_grenade_german_mp] only grenades are currently supported for off hand use.

Update#3: Not worth writing again.


I tried shutting off the fusetime and yes the projectile disappears. I think I tried about 1000 combinations
and still it reverts back to exploding on the player. The truth of the matter is, it is exploding because
it is a projectile grenade. Maybe their is a setting that isn't included to stop projectile from blowing up on
impact, although I saw it in the weapon script, putting that at 0, doesnt seem to be doing much.

I tried adding the mindamage setting and that didnt stop it, not sure what happens if you set mindamage to
zero and damage to like 50. Although, it will prob still explode.

I tried it as a smoke grenade and it added the grenades to the smoke grenades slot. So once you were done
using frag grenades, it moved onto smoke grenades.

Adding distance to the script and shutting off fusetime didn't do anything either.

Hope you get this working soon. Sorry I couldn't be further help.

03-24-2007, 11:27 AM
Think i figured it out, its not 100% what i wanted...but its a good "sollution"

the only issue one could have is that IF you stand right next to your enemy and you "shoot" him with your knife you die too....but thats only when your right next to him..that and that the knives have a limited damage range...meaning it causes someone to die thats at most x yards away further then that..no effect....i can change that but then if you would knife someone close to you..it causes a delay in death...up to a second...altho even that i wouldnt mind

but then...knives arent killing anyone in real life too over 100 yards do they

intergrating it in the mod...and tweaking it where i can in progress :)

03-24-2007, 02:17 PM
cool :bravo: cant wait to try it out :wink1: