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09-08-2009, 03:23 PM
DICE has released a hotfix (http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/battlefield-2/804570-battlefield-2-update-1-50-alt-tab-fix.html) today that fixes the Alt-Tab crashing issues in Battlefield 2 Update 1.50.

A large number of players who have installed 1.50 have been unable to use ALT+TAB without the game crashing out to Windows desktop. As such and with thanks to nea_alecu doing some investigations, our programmers have come up with a fix.

We are also working on a full installer which will be the 2Gb file for those who are new to Battlefield 2 v1.50. This will replace existing files once ready and I will post here when that is released. In the mean time use the 1.50 patch install and replace RendDX9.dll with the file you can download here (http://www.battle.no/?section=download&get=140).SOURCE (http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/battlefield-2/804570-battlefield-2-update-1-50-alt-tab-fix.html)

09-13-2009, 07:33 AM
Point of Existence News: 12 September 2009
09/12/2009 11:28 AM

Welcome back for another Point of Existence news post.

We would like to start by thanking our fans for their continued support. Our POE1 re-release was well received and we are happy to have wrapped up that project with such a strong release. If you haven't checked it out, we urge you to take it for a test drive.

As many of you know, BF2's 1.5 update has caused our POE 2.5 servers to crash. Sgt. Wedge took some time out and put together a server patch that should correct this issue and get you back into the trenches. This is a server only fix, clients do not need to do anything to continue to enjoy the game. A thanks goes out to Tactical Gamer for their help testing this new server package.


hypernia.com mirror: http://pointofexistence2.hypernia.com/

Australian mirro: http://mirror.gamingsa.com/Battlefield2/Mods/POE2/poe2-v2.5.1_server.zip

We hope everyone had a good summer and hope to see you on a POE2 server soon.

POE Team, signing off.


Point of Existence News: 09 June 2009
06/09/2009 05:05 PM

Point of Existence welcomes you to our 130th news post!

We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support we have enjoyed over the years. Our recent announcement that we were wrapping up production on PoE2 brought a lot of old friends around to say hello and voice their support. A big thanks to everyone that was involved in this massive production. We hope you continue to enjoy it for a long time.

During our final months of production on PoE1, we didn't know when DICE would announce the release date for BF2 and pretty much close the doors on our Battlefield Vietnam production. We were very aware that Battlefield 2 would sap our playerbase and eclipse our work. This led us to cut some details that we didn't have time to wrap up. We hate leaving loose ends and always felt like we didn't finish this chapter of our mod to the point where we would have liked.

It therefor gives us great pleasure to announce the final installment of our Battlefield Vietnam modification, Point of Existence (PoE1). We are including a nearly complete set of COOP maps and many bug fixes for the game. Dust off those Battlefield Vietnam disks and get ready to enjoy Point of Existence again!

http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/client.jpg (http://www.pointofexistence.com/mirrorlist.php)

http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/winserver.jpg (http://www.pointofexistence.com/mirrorlist.php)

http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/linserver.jpg (http://www.pointofexistence.com/mirrorlist.php)

Widescreen workaround for Battlefield Vietnam (http://www.pointofexistence.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19139&st=0)

Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 (ftp://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/patches/bfv_v1_2.exe)
Battlefield Vietnam 1.2-1.21 (ftp://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/patches/battlefield_vietnam_incremental_patch_v1.2_to_v1.2 1.exe)

http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render1s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render1.jpg) http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render2s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render2.jpg)
http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render3s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render3.jpg) http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render4s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/render4.jpg)

http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen1s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen1.jpg) http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen2s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen2.jpg)
http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen3s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen3.jpg) http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen4s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen4.jpg)
http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen5s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen5.jpg) http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen6s.jpg (http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/screen6.jpg)

http://pointofexistence.com/poe1/poe/news130/changelog.jpg (http://pointofexistence.hypernia.com/files/poe_v1.0_changelog.txt)

We have added a couple limited edition t-shirts to our CafePress site. Show your support and wear your PoE colors!
PoE Store (http://www.cafepress.com/support_poe)

That's all we have for today, stay tuned for more
PoE Team signing off...


SOURCE (http://www.pointofexistence.com/)