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  1. News Judge Sees the Light on IP addys
  2. Good News FTC to Probe Paid Listings
  3. Bad News ICE to Spend 2.1 mil for Iphones!
  4. Bad News DoJ seeks to kill Wiretap Suit
  5. Bad News DOJ Tries to Flank SCOTUS
  6. News SCOTUS to Examine Obama & EPA Power
  7. News Robert's Obamacare Ruling Boon for GOP
  8. News DHS Will Continue To Enforce Trump's Travel Ban
  9. News President Trump Picks Conservative Judge Gorsuch
  10. News Trump To Focus Counter-Extremism Program Solely On Islam
  11. US Politics Pence: "Any fair-minded person" Would Understand Trump's Immigration Order
  12. Bad News Trump's Immigration Order Blocked By Seattle Judge
  13. Bad News Appeals Court Denies Trump Request
  14. US Politics US Court To Hear Arguments On Trump's Travel Ban
  15. US Politics Appeals Court Rejection Leaves Trump Travel Ban On Hold
  16. Appeal 9th Circuit Ruling Intellectually Dishonest
  17. News Supreme Court Could Decide Transgender Case. Or Not.
  18. US Politics Federal Judge In Hawaii Halts Trump Travel Ban
  19. News Immigration Judges Headed To 12 U.S. Cities
  20. US Politics Gorsuch Enters High-Stakes Confirmation Hearing
  21. US Politics Merkley Takes to Senate Floor Against Gorsuch
  22. News In BIG Win For Trump, Senate Approves Neal Gorsuch
  23. Good News Justice Department Quits Pro-Transgender Lawsuit
  24. Crime Sessions: "If We Stay At It, We Can Devastate" MS-13 Gang
  25. Good News Sessions’ Office Releases Memo to all 94 US Attorneys Reversing Holder Policies
  26. US Politics Trump's Travel Ban Lands in Seattle Appellate Court
  27. US Politics Trump Administration Petitions Supreme Court to Reinstate Temporary Travel Ban
  28. Opinion Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch: Rule of law "A Blessing"
  29. News Travel Ban, Church-State Cases Await Action By Supreme Court
  30. Good News Supreme Court Lifts Injunction on Travel Ban
  31. US Politics Fed Hawaiian Judge Vastly Expands Permissible Family On Travel Ban
  32. News DOJ Appeals Judge’s Travel Ban Ruling To Supreme Court
  33. News SCOTUS Gives Hawaii 'Til Tuesday To Answer DOJ Appeal
  34. News Postal Service Broke Law By Allowing Employees to Work for Clinton Campaign
  35. News Lack Of Remorse Could Bite "Pharma Bro"
  36. Good News Winning: SCOTUS Tosses Case Against Trump's "Travel Ban"
  37. News Judge In Menendez Corruption Trial Asked; "What Is A Senator?"
  38. Bad News Jury Deadlocked in Public Corruption Trial Of Sen. Robert Menendez
  39. News Federal Judge Blocks Crackdown On Sanctuary Cities "Permanently"